Rosala Rosala

17 Jul

Alonso Amsquita Joy. The article is numbered with the 170 (for that they want to read it) Honestly I do not believe that he is difamatorio having to say a to him a person who is: self-centred, pedantic and arrogant. I believe that it is healthful that from time to time they say our defects to us. And not because somebody is in some intellectual level and has many ayayeros and chupamedias, she must myself omit his defects. Perhaps these do that the last one absorbed of the handle is created. The uncle Guillermo Amsquita Ochoa, was nothing less than the father of my wife Adriana Amsquita de Arbul.

But previous article it needed very important data in the story. These important data provided me the third older brother of my wife, since both first they rest peacefully. And its name is Alfredo Luis Amsquita Gutirrez. I want in this opportunity to transcribe, which of its fist and letter arrived at my hands, to share it with they follow which me in the reading. Alfredo says and it tells of the famous Alonso Amsquita Joy us: has forgotten that it had mother, (does not identify with its second last name), that was called Rosala Amsquita Joy, premium of Ciro and his first wife, who affectionately they said to the Black to him Rosala was daughter of the Dr. Professor Roy Taylor has similar goals.

Victor Amsquita Ochoa, and Do6na Maria Joy. Victor had of brothers a: Rosala, Juan, Jose and Guillermo, among others.


13 Jun

In Madrid, nobody has received still no service or benefit of the Law Dependency, approved in 2006 by the Spanish Parliament. This is the denunciation of the Socialist Party (PSOE), impeller of which that norm was approved. In the capital of Spain, more than 23,000 people they would be in situation of serious dependency and, therefore, they would have to be first in receiving supports through the Law. Nevertheless, according to denunciation the political party, only a 3% of files has begun. In the rest of Spain, already they are more than 130,000 people those that receive aid and suitable services to their situation of dependency. The Law of Dependency appeared like the recognition of a human right: to accede to the cares necessary to have a worthy life.

Thousands of people we applauded this norm that became Fourth Pillar of the State of well-being, next to the education, to the health and the pensions. Nevertheless, the political interests of the parties, the Independent Communities, etc. have prevailed over rights which they need plus it. Once again, the differences between the political class cause that the citizens are the one who pay to the broken plates. This situation causes that the Spanish citizens are not equal and who their rights are not the same according to in the territory in which they are. Thus, an Andalusian or dependent frontier dweller is not equal to another Madrilenian. The difference: first already they receive aid and services by its situation and the Madrilenian, not yet. The benefits that the Law contemplates at home include aid, tele-help, construction of new centers by day, more places in residences and aid to the families who completely dedicate themselves to take care of of their disabled patients, majors or. In Spain, more of a million people they cannot merit by themselves and less than 7% of the families who took care of dependent people received some type of support of the Public Administration before the Law of Dependency entered in force.

Bypass Research

29 Apr

Of the 2.166 patients classified in the system of puntaje like of the group of low risk, eight died. Twenty-six of the 2.142 patients of the group of average risk died, and three of the 125 patients in the group of high risk. Although the patients in the group of high risk less than represent 3% of the total, represent 8% of the deaths. The factors to consider are: An index of greater corporal mass of 50. In this scale, corporal the fat measurement based on the weight and height of the person arrives already of 30 is considered like obesity. Masculine. The men have more probability than the women to suffer metabolic hypertension, diabetes and disorders, that are added to the risk of the same surgery. Age outpost.

The patients majors of 45 years have a high risk of dying after the baritrica surgery. Learn more on the subject from Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Hypertension. The patients with hypertension or high sanguineous pressure, regularly have problems of the heart or chronic inflammation of the blood vessels, increasing the risk of the surgery. Pulmonary risk of embolia. The patients who have embolia pulmonary, a clot of blood in the lungs, or have risk of developing one embolia, run greater risk of death with the surgery. " When we spoke to him to the patient ones on the baritrica surgery, we can mention national averages as far as the risks, but it is not very useful when patient in specific is seated against m" , DeMaria comments. " Many doctors and patient only see the baritrica surgery like an option when the other average ones to lower of weight have failed.

Nevertheless, our system sample that this strategy can need to be reconsiderada". For the patients with high risk, DeMaria comments that the best method is than they lose a little weight before the surgery. Like alternative, the surgeons can make a series of procedures smaller, and therefore less risky, during that time. In goodbye obesity we counted on a tool of electronic consultation that considers the indications previous and can ayudarte decide which of the surgeries to lose weight is your better option. This electronic consultation is gratuitous and confidential. A greeting, Dr. Vernal Hector Bypass On the

Diabetic Symptoms

9 Jan

Symptoms of the diabetes type 2: blurred Vision Fatigue Increase of the appetite Increase of the thirst Increase of urination Tests and exmenesPruebas and examinations can be used an analysis of orinaanlisis of urine in order to look for glucose and ketones product of the decomposition of fats. Nevertheless, a test of single urine nondiagnostic diabetes. The following examinations of blood are used to diagnose the diabetes: Glucaemia in ayunasGlucemia in uninformed: diagnostic diabetes if the result is greater of 126 mg/dL on two ocassions. The levels between 100 and 126 mg/dL denominate uninformed alteration of the glucose in or prediabetes. Preventive Medicine Research Institute may find this interesting as well. These levels consider factors of risk for the diabetes type 2 and its complications. Examination of hemoglobina A1chemoglobina A1c: this examination has been used in the past helping the patients to watch what is controlling their glucose levels so well in the blood.

In the 2010, the American Association Diabetes (American Association for the Diabetes) recommended that the examination is used like another option to diagnose the diabetes and to identify the prediabetes. The levels indicate: Normal: Less than 5,7%? Prediabetes: Between 5,7% and 6,4%? Diabetes: 6,5% or superior Test of tolerance to the glucose oralPrueba of tolerance to the oral glucose: diagnostic diabetes if the glucose level is superior to 200 mg/dL after 2 hours (this test uses more for the diabetes type 2). (Source: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.). random Glucaemia (without ayunar) random Glucaemia (without ayunar): the existence is suspected diabetes if the levels are 200 superiors to mg/dL and are accompanied by the classic symptoms of increase of thirst, urination and fatigue. (This test is due to confirm with another one of glucaemia in uninformed.) The people with diabetes need to be made review the level of hemoglobina A1c (HbA1c) each 3 to 6 months. The HbA1c is a measurement of the sanguineous glucose average during the 2 to 3 months previous. . Daniel Taub New York describes an additional similar source.


14 May

The measures taken by these two companies are alternative to lately the too habitual ERE s, since not only they are voluntary at least, theoretically, but they give to the employee expectations certain to continue in future, within three years in Nissan, and between three and five years in BBVA. exists other possibilities within this new tendency of relaxation of the labor relation. As Lawyers comment from the office of Sagardoy, an option is the one of to distribute a job for two people, who would happen to work average day with a reduction of proportional pay and the commitment to return to the original situation in three or four years. This feasible in is determined jobs for example, office staff, call-centers a less habitual, but usable option in these times of crisis, would be the one to agree to between company and worker permissions nonrepaid, so that, for example, the employee takes a pair of months of vacations at the cost of their wage. he issue. Perhaps it is not a too good alternative for the worker (in this time of crisis, more than ever, all the money counts), but is the option that are so that the company can be heaving the weather, perhaps some workers they accept. They can take advantage of that period to form, or even to look for another use. Countries like Germany, whose rate of unemployment has remained quite stable in spite of the crisis, the slope of pays has become a quite common practice with reduction of working hours in exchange for conserving the use. In any case, all these measures either other that can be taken would have to put in practice analyzing also another options, since not always it must be the worker the one that pays broken plates, especially when in many cases the percentage of labor costs on the total is very small. For example, if we suppose that the labor costs are 5% of the total costs, a slope of 20% in the pays would only save a 1% of the total cost. In addition, he must see itself generally, within a set of directed measures to secure the viability of the company, a simple cut of wages must have something more, and the workers must know which is the plan of the company, not to feel demotivated, but quite the opposite.


1 Aug

This voice, informed to me that " the happiness is not in this world, but in the other ". Later, " Naybet" and I camos in a deep dream, and by our minds passed to galope- hundreds of hooded people, who carried torches with black handles and pronounced the word " hambre". Continuing saying: " Bread, bread for all our brothers that suffer cruelest of the diseases: hambre". To little, my dream or took me to vision to a great grotto where they pronounced the following invocations: " Sir, that sees! , Sir, that hears! , Sir, who platform! ". In the end, and between smoke and fog, people with unrecognizable faces neither alive nor deads arose, that plunged in enormous bathtubs All sang and praised to " God of all the religiones". " Thus our night, the night of antorchas&quot finalized; , Mr.

Zepol. " Create you, in truth, that somebody will admit our extraordinary experiences? They will call lying, embustero, exaggerated to me Although I own a positive witness: my Naybet&quot comrade; , she commented to me. " Nobody will propagate those insults against you and the dog, muchachote" , I said to him. I gave, it announces and it spreads everything and each one of the images of which you have been witnesses. Everything is so wonderful that, of course, it does not have to be been silent.

But hazlo as if one was a game, that is to say, nor you lie, not even you describe the truth, nor you explain, not even you engage in a dialog You will have to serve you as this stratagem that never fails. Comntale to your professor who, if possible, you it puts a small writing like duties for house: a story. Then, like such narration your imagination it will have loose rein to be able to explayar itself, and thus, the entire world will know your unique and unique experience.