Healthy Buffet

20 Dec

Maintenance of weight loss management program can be difficult during the holidays season, especially at Christmas. The prospect of having to do a Christmas party and feed more than his immediate family does is it possible to modify your diet Christmas without affecting the others? If you also face this struggle, then, the following tips may help. Designed with Christmas weight loss in mind, simply incorporating these tips in their diet of Christmas, you can also stay in firm control of your weight loss during this holiday season and make sure that your family and friends are experiencing a healthy Christmas. 1 Exchange of salted peanuts from raw nuts and seeds, almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews, all sesame seeds are rich in protein, fats and essential minerals 2. Replace sugar with nuts confectionery-based apples, apricots, raisins, bananas, raisins figs not only fruits dried sweet and delicious but last too 3. Do the convertible meat tarts chopped this will help you use less pastry, cut immediately to their fat content and calories in half. Alternatively, you can opt to use pasta filo, which is thinner and lower in calories compared with traditional pastries. Another trick is to add apples finely chopped minced meat.This will make it more fluffy and will lower the minced meat patties total caloric content.

4. Do not make pigs in blankets in place Grill / bake the sausage on a rack to let out the fat from 5. Choose tomato-based sauces avoid cheese and sauces instead of offering your customers sauces sauce or a yogurt fat mixed with chopped herbs you can also make the following submissions: Mini tart of puff pastry (45 kcal) by a mini tart of puff pastry (30kcal) breaded chicken (40 kcal) bite by a bite of marinated chicken (29 kcal) Mini Bhaji (64 kcal) per a mini satay stick (34 kcal) 30 g of fresh chips with prepared salt (155 kcal) of 30 g (147 kcal) tortilla chips 30 g of salted peanuts (184 kcal) of 30 g of biscuits (114 kcal) 175 ml of effervescence pre-mezcla 175 ml for a spritzer buck wine (2: 1 wine and water soda) trick to keep your weight loss is to sitanalyze what you usually buy for a Christmas party and exchange of any high fat content / foods rich in calories for their healthier alternatives.You may feel like an exhausting process, but worth it in the end. In the same way that don’t be afraid to introduce healthier foods at the table. Kitchen goodies and desserts to yourself, for example, you can immediately reduce their calorie content, as well as allowing you to maintain control of exactly what you are eating. Nobody blind counts that it can offer a healthier version of your favorite desserts, and maintain your Christmas fun, exciting and most delicious important.