Health Environment

19 May

The communitarian agents had told in the units of significao the intrinsic relation of the paper of politicosocial agent with the relative questions to the health and environment. The point that converges to this proposal is the fact of the pedagogical project of the popular education to have as point deep cloth of the popular participation, that understands a basic principle for the reinforcement of the public politics of health and way environment of our country. FINAL CONSIDERAES the education compromissada with the release are based on the man as subject of its proper education. Leaving of this premise, we are in constant educative process, where we are informing in the construction of knowing and add from the individual and collective experiences our relations with the world. The paper of the Communitarian Agent of Health as popular educator for the health and environment of its community was demonstrated in the study as attributions of its professional activity, being information vehicle, stimulating the citizenship and fulfilling the objective of if making link between the community and the services of health. The dialogue is without doubts the necessary way for the interaction between the people. But this interaction cannot be satisfied only with the exchange of ideas, because thus it would be summarized to a deposit of colloquies. She is necessary that it has an objective, that if solidarize with the reflection and action of the co-intentioned citizens in world. In relation to the concepts popular education, health and environment, in what the other considered objective is mentioned, it was possible to perceive that although the spalling of the answers, the citizens of the study verbalizam the perspective politics of the popular education, they fortify the extended concept of health guaranteed constitutionally and understand the historical and social dimensions that involve the environment and its implications for the future of the planet.

Industrial Revolution

8 May

Today finally leader of diverse countries they perceive the necessity of if prescribed the action of the economic agents on the environment, where this relation, since that the man is man, generates a relation of negative disequilibrium for one of the components of this relation. During much time, for a reason or others, the decurrent economic development of the Industrial Revolution hindered that the ambient problems were considered. The pollution and the ambient impacts of the disordered development were visible, but the proportionate benefits for the progress were justified as one ' ' badly necessrio' ' , without its negative consequences were admitted sincerely, the short and long stated period. 1 principle of the Declaration of Rio De Janeiro, for occasion of Echo, quedefiniu politics in favor of sustainable development, establishes that: ' ' the human beings are in the center of the concerns with the sustainable development. They have right to a healthful and productive life, in harmony with natureza' ' 1. In agreement to the questionings, as justification, valley to stand out that the humanity in the last few decades comes reaching incomparable levels of development technician, scientific and until social, however, the increase of the level of ambient degradation comes the same increasing in rhythm.

Paradoxicalally the man most intelligent seems less educated its space. From the Industrial Revolution in century XVIII, that it generated as many goods of consumption, as consuming, and of the population growth in the world, the natural resources had suffered and suffer alterations in quantitative and qualitative terms, have seen that the natural resources are finite and insufficient to feed the increasing demands of the consumption societies, being important to cite that a small parcel of the population human being are only consumista, it has seen that the majority fights only for the survival. The serious ambient problems are caused by the proper economic model adopted by the capitalist system, due to relation of superiority and domain that the man comes keeping on the environment.