Psychological Impact Of Obesity

16 Feb

Obesity is a health problem, but it also brings various mental disorders, ranging from social rejection to anxiety and severe depression. People with obesity and overweight are often critical, negative comments are the butt of jokes and jokes, and are victims of discrimination. All these experiences have an important role as they undermine people’s self-esteem and can be a determining factor in body image problems. ical). The problem is that the person must adapt, and brings a number of physical limitations and psychological problems, without ignoring the weight has on society, as most things are made for thin people. It was found that low self-esteem is associated with increased weight and obese people tend to have a more dependent personality.

We also know that when people start early to be obese, have more difficulty adhering to treatment and psychological or medical, and people who start with this problem in adulthood, usually seek social support and help to achieve both physical and psychological wellbeing. The early onset of obesity may influence body image that the person has of herself, resulting in low self-esteem and promotes social avoidance behavior. As a result, there is a deficit in interpersonal relationships and life satisfaction level of the individual. Obese people are at greater risk of a poor quality of life, as to the everyday involves greater difficulty for them: is the influence of the media that highlight the thinness, going to buy clothes and find no size necessary, dining becomes a shameful thing, take a vacation in public places, unsatisfactory interpersonal relationships, to enjoy leisure activities, etc. With regard to health, is also affected, and the quality of life decreases due to the limitations, conditions and diseases that obesity brings. Some people tend to be more introverted, to feel shame and guilt for not being thin, they may experience rejection by society, and sometimes of his own family, there are feelings of sadness and disabilities, feel that the world was not made for people of his stature. Sometimes there is also denial of their own problem, which makes it difficult to accept and adhere to a beneficial treatment for them. It becomes a vicious circle where obesity causes depression and depression makes them eat more than they should.

Of all the emotional consequences and problems associated with obesity, the result of decreased quality of life, one could say that depression and / or anxiety are more common, and must create an effective program to combat them, and so avoid These encourage a greater weight gain. These problems are much more common than you think, and obesity is a condition that should be treated with a team of people specialized in different areas: doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, etc. In bye-obesity we have the appropriate equipment to help you solve your problem, and thereby achieve a better quality of life. Greetings Ana Guillen Ana Isabel Isable a degree in Psychology degree from the Escuela Libre de Psicologia AC, a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders and psychological treatment of patients with obesity.

Acai Berry Diet

16 Feb

Diet is known worldwide for its incredible health benefits, and not without reason. Acai berries are among the most consistent and nutritious food in the world. The Acai berry nourishes the body while providing excellent means of detox diets, and programs to detoxify the blood. There are many kinds of natural foods that are good for health, but few can claim to have as many nutrients as the Acai Berry. A diet of Acai Berry provides the body with sufficient evidence to in top form. The wide range of products based on offers various forms of diet with Acai Berry and enjoy all the benefits that this wonderful fruit. Acai: Dietary Products tablets are perhaps the most popular products, and fashion in the market, used to a diet with Acai Berry. Best of taking supplements is that it should.

While it may be particularly difficult for us to agree to make a juice in the morning or take freeze-dried berries to the office, Acai pills and tablets are much more portable and easy to take, without having to change your daily diet. The downside of taking Acai Berry tablets is the amount of deception and choriceos (in relation to the purity of the product) to be found everywhere. However, this can be solved if you willing to do some research. Anyone interested in acquiring the Acai Berry pills should carefully read the information provided before making the purchase Acai supplement. Another way of eating Acai Berry is in the form of juice.

There are many brands of Acai Berry juices available on the market. One of the great benefits of drinking Acai is the taste, as it is delicious and a perfect way to supplement their diet of Acai. While the juice is not very convenient to carry from one place to another as the Acai Berry Tablets, if he knows very rich. The main thing to consider when selecting your Acai Berry juice is the purity of it, as many manufacturers add a very natural ingredients to their formulas. Choose wisely and choose the one that ensure the purity of almost 100% juice. The Taste of Success Eating Acai berries directly is also an excellent way to get health benefits offered by the fruit. The best format is to buy dry (or dried) and frozen. Acai berries are highly perishable food, and in less than 24 hours after being harvested and show signs of decomposition. This is why it is very hard to eat these berries in their original form, unless you go to Brazil. However, if the berries are dried and frozen just after harvest, then retain all its properties and nutrients and can be offered for sale to the public. Acai Dietary supplements and the berries themselves are an easy way to maintain a healthy daily diet, and are essential to carry out a successful diet program based on Acai.