Agra Coast

29 Apr

These families had been if mesclando with whom already they were, which if had become proprietors of great remaining farms of old sesmarias of cattle creation and plantation of sugar cane and cotton, many descendants of donees, bandeirantes, Portuguese military service and sertanistas, such as: Andrade, Agra, Coast, Days, Duarte, D? Avila, Garci’a, Lopes, Pear tree, Saucers, Rodrigues. Other families who had arrived later, proceeding already from other states of Brazil, other descents, beyond the Portuguese, Frenchman, English, dutch, English and Arab, mainly of the coast, which had come to dedicate the public services in the bookkeeping, in the opening of roads and dams and activities of private initiative, in the agriculture and the commerce of clothes, cattle and lands: Albuquerque, Belfort, Cantarelli, the Caribbean, Cavalcanti, Candeia, Ferraz, Freire, Loyal, Light, You mark, Moura, Ramalho, Roriz, Silveira, Trapi, Ucha. In view of that the majority of the colonizadores of the hinterland of Pernambuco age of Portuguese origin, many of other origins had assumed a Portuguese last name or aportuguesaram its names to facilitate the convivncia, mainly in the case of the here resident foreigners considered invading; in the case of mestizos with indian or black, these had started to be part of the patrimony of the farms and had become Hiss, Pear tree, Oak, Almeida, Alencar and others, generally with the assent you of device and colonels. Also occurring that some Brazilians of nativistas movements had started to add to its names aboriginal nicknames: Araripe, Jatob, Cariri, Moror, Moxot, etc. Between oldest of the pernambucano hinterland, mainly of the region bathed for the River Brgida, are considered the Agra families and Alencar, whom they appear as the pioneers in the region, whose objective it was the occupation of lands to take care of of the cattle farms that, later had been acquired by Martinho of the Agra Coast, son-in-law of Brgida de Alencar.


20 Apr

It will be that they had been the transformations after-relationships that are producing divergence or that from ‘ will not be determined moment to the part; ‘ oculta’ ‘ of the other, the one that you did not give attention, but now is giving, started to have one weight very great in the relationship. Having as approach to the other face of the relationship, I decided to write some lines on this subject, as plus a tool if to think, when one is in search of a steady relationship. DEVELOPMENT we are educated since small searching and valuing the part ‘ ‘ boa’ ‘ of the person. That one that each one inside finds positive of its criterion. Thus giving, a great importance to this part, forgetting to give to attention in the part ‘ ‘ ruim’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ negativa’ ‘ , that one that bothers in them. The one that does not correspond to our criteria.

We live the illusion that the part ‘ ‘ positiva’ ‘ , that one that we value and we want to share, has in itself, the power to overlap to ‘ ‘ negativa’ ‘ , the one that we do not like and we do not want to share, and that this, will not have no meaning and importance in the relationship. ‘ ‘ It will be, be, be …………! ‘ ‘. We go to think. To share with good, pleasant, positive things is easy, therefore little it demands of us and it does not bother in them. It is always rewarding and it does not create problem, quarrel, disagreements, points of discord, etc. Now, imagines that it has that to eat an apple that presents a deteriorated part..