Invention Litres

18 Jan

In the shop of TeSana, when we hear talk about the Irisana Ecoducha us could not believe it a shower that save water and energy, and cleaned the water and went out with less lime and chlorine? Incredible, but true. Without hesitating a moment, we tested it, and we loved the experience so much that we decided that there should be at least one Ecoducha in each household in this country. A luxury? For nothing. Saves water, by which in a family of 4 people is amortized investment of 59.60 that costs in 2 months, in addition to gain in health and save on SOAP (Yes, is really no need to SOAP and it continues to get everything clean). A revolution, no doubt. Professor Roy Taylor may help you with your research. That how it works? For behold, it has two filters, one permanent natural ceramics and other particles. The first is rotating (although if is for it is not the end of the world, opens the strainer and remove can be left any stone standing at the entrance of the water) and its function is to separate the molecules water, eliminating large part of lime and chlorine. Good water then passes through the particulate filter and all residues remain in the filter (which must be replaced when it turns brown, depending on the hardness of the water between 3 and 5 months).

The truth is that when changing the filter, one appreciates that everything that Brown his skin the Ecoducha not have absorbed it has 412 micropores that make water out in a similar way to what happens in torrents and waterfalls: why releases a large amount of negative ions with effect massage, plus save up to 65% water. No doubt some, every home should have at least one of these wonders among all would save gallons of water in each shower (which at present is a precious asset), in addition to our much more careful, hydrated and clean skin. In fact the Ecoducha is particularly recommended in case of sensitive and/or allergic skins because that minimizes the use of SOAP and own skin allergies are given, on occasions, by the quality of the water. Returning to the savings, here is an example of saving water and energy with the Irisana Ecoducha in a housing of 4 people: four people housing: cost of water + energy = 0,0050 half a shower /litroduracion: 5 conventional half shower minutosConsumo: 20 liters/minute x 5 minutes = 100 litrosConsumo Ecoducha Irisana: 7 litres/min x 5 minutes = 35 litrosAhorro consumption by shower: 65 litrosAhorro consumption journal: showers 4 x 65 litres/shower = 260 litres/Diaahorro consumption year: 260 liters/day x 365 days = 94.900 litres/Anoahorro euros year: 94.900 litres x 0.0050 /litro = 474,50 year the numbers speak for themselves, though those who talk most about are those who already have it that they always recommend it to everyone: since I have the Ecoduchaalready it does not itch skin and dandruff in hair gone me. A marvel. Definitely the Irisana Ecoducha saves water. I have a teeny electric heater and since I have the Ecoducha my showers complete with hot and not cold as before. 10-The Ecoducha, saves water and relaxes me much everytime I use it and you, do not yet you showers with the Ecoducha? Join us!