Perfect Picnics – Frugal Food Safety Tips

28 Sep

Summer is finally here and for many of us that means heading to the lake or the park for a picnic with friends or family. Unfortunately, if we are not careful, when the plan, transport and serve the picnic, our outing might not end happily. a Here are some tips to remember when planning an outdoor meal: 1. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Bacteria multiply rapidly at temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees. Foods that have been kept at unsafe temperatures are a major source of foodborne diseases. 2. Plan ahead and try to take foods that do not spoil so quickly.

In any case, not eating anything that's been sitting for over an hour, especially if the temperature is over 80. 3. Try to take only the amount of food they eat, so there will be leftovers. 4. Pack your food with ice or cold packs in a cooler. Place the food eat past the bottom. Others who may share this opinion include Cardiologist. You can make your own blocks of ice cold water in milk cartons or plastic containers. Place ice packs or cold packs between containers of food ever, just place food containers on top of ice.

5. You may want to bring two coolers – one for drinks, since it opened more often, and one for food, that can be set in the shade and kept closed until needed. 6. If you are planning to cook hamburgers at the picnic site, shape your meat into patties and freeze before putting in the refrigerator. Bring a meat thermometer to ensure that cooking meat to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees. 7. An extra zip-top bag of ice can be placed in the top of the fridge. The extra ice will be useful for the trip home. If the day is long, and the ice melts the cold water can also be useful. 8. Bring your cooler inside your car, rather than the hot trunk make sure to put in a shady spot and maybe even cover it with a blanket when you reach your destination. Open only when necessary. 9. Instead of bringing whole jars of condiments, pack what you need in small plastic containers. 10. Bring plenty of clean utensils for serving and eating. Pre-Pack moist towelettes and paper towels for easy cleaning. 11. And remember this rule of the U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding leftovers: When in doubt, throw it out!

Natural Product Linseed Oil

22 Aug

What makes it so valuable and how can it serve the health vegetable oils increasingly health donor at the center of attention. Newcastle University contains valuable tech resources. Since you know the positive effects of the Mediterranean diet, many of the positive features of this particular form of nutrition related also to the used oils. You should be with responsible, that the residents of the Mediterranean area suffer less in cardiovascular disease than the rest of the Europeans. Which ingredients in which vegetable oils vegetable oils are generally so valuable for the health? Unsaturated fatty acids are responsible for the quality of oily liquid from vegetable oils. Under these special fatty acids a distinction (simply unsaturated), Omega-9 fatty acids Omega-6 fatty acids (unsaturated double) and EFAs-3 fatty acids (unsaturated triple). Any vegetable oil has a characteristic composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Daryl Katz oftentimes addresses this issue. So olive oil contains mainly oleic acid, an easy unsaturated Omega-9 fatty acid, but no Omega-3 fatty acids. Linseed oil, however, contains mainly the Omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid and additionally oleic acid and the Omega-6 fatty acid linoleic acid.

All vegetable oils is together that they contain only a small proportion of saturated fatty acids as opposed to the animal oils and fats. That’s a good thing, because saturated fat is to expect no positive effect on the health. On the contrary. Therefore, the share of animal fats should be kept low at the healthy balanced. But on what vegetable oils should be from a health perspective.

We recommend flax oil, ALA since it of all natural vegetable oils by far most of the healthy alpha-linolenic acid, short, contains. ALA is one of the three people important omega-3 fatty acids. The other two are of animal origin. ALA from flaxseed oil has been studied in many scientific studies. It was found that ALA is a has positive influence on risk factors leading to cardiovascular disease such as heart attack. It is parent compound of Gewebshormonen and mediators that play a beneficial role in inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism. Also, it was reported that ALA has a positive effect on bone health. All these reasons make linseed oil with much ALA as a particularly valuable for health care. Now, linseed oil is unfortunately very sensitive and precious fatty acids can be easily destroyed by light and storage. Therefore, purified linseed oil in pure vegetable capsules should be resorted to specifically protect the sensitive linseed oil. In a patented process succeeded pharmacists from Germany, to easily create highly purified linseed oil with a high percentage of ALA in the to swallowing Vegicaps. These capsules are commercially as OmVitum. Three capsules daily provide the body with ALA. OmVitum is a supplementary balanced diet to the dietary treatment of Atherosclerosis and increased levels of inflammation. OmVitum as a one-month supply (PZN 4604189) or as a cheap 3 month Pack (PZN 0262160) is through pharmacies, practice parallel health centers or purchased directly from the company. When via pharmacy, it should be noted that OmVitum not should replacement because of the unique composition by other, seemingly similar products, which are available at the pharmacy. .

Vaccination Against Swine Flu – Immune Even Without Vaccination.

20 Jun

Here is the ground-breaking alternative to protect against swine flu without any side effects! Ask yourself the question: swine flu vaccination – yes or no? Immune to swine flu without vaccination! The central theme is the swine flu in recent months. Currently, the question is of course: vaccination or better no vaccination? The uncertainty is increasing on the swine flu vaccination. There is hardly a day when not a new message about vaccination against swine flu is published. The discussion about the vaccines unsettled people. It is not something Cleveland Clinic would like to discuss. In Germany, a so-called active amplifier is used for the first time ever in a commercially available vaccine. What’s up with these active amplifiers to? There are accessories that enhance not only the effectiveness of a vaccine, but also its side effects. List the side effects here, beyond the article. Especially it is cannot be ruled out that the additive mixture “of swine flu vaccination an accumulation of rare threatening damage” cause (such as nerve damage).

Thank God there are alternatives! A strong immune system is very important. If you have a strong immune system, which will develop no symptoms of swine flu. Strengthen the defense forces include not only much fresh air to be and a healthy diet, but also subliminals. This is specially selected, pleasant music, which include over 100 positive information stored under music – around the topic of swine flu / flu influenza H1 N1 I’m immune to swine flu! “Are subliminals what? Subliminals (Latin sub “under” and liminis “threshold”) to German subliminal”, based on a technique whereby you can bring information directly and bypassing the intellect in the subconscious. There are positive information (affirmations), which are fused in a way with the music of the mind does not see, but the subconscious and is therefore very effective.

Listening to subliminals which is currently most famous and strongest technique to incidentally “goals to be reached or to implement. This method is the redesign of your subconscious mind and helps you to transform negative experiences and doubts of any kind in positive attitudes to life. The subliminal I’m immune to swine flu! “can any number of times, no matter whether loud or quiet, be heard. More often it is subliminal belongs, the better it works!

Stuttgart Treatment

21 Jul

Decision support for finding a dentist in a new town to find a reputable dentist in Stuttgart no matter where one lives, there comes the day of truth for the need to take a look around, if you are not already in treatment by a dentist. Must change when you have perhaps the place and now in Stuttgart, then the question arises after a dentist who can provide competent and virtually pain-free services. But dentist is not necessarily not equal to dentist, also in Stuttgart, Germany. As for internal medicine, also specialists who have been concentrating on specific indications and forms of treatment at the dental professionals. This means that the choice of dentist can largely be dependent on desired performance. With the special services of the dentist, Stuttgart can occur also to special costs, which should be determined in advance carefully avoid a rude awakening (not only from the anesthesia). Helpful when choosing a dentist, you can Yellow pages be where the specialization of most Stuttgart dentists should be clearly marked.

More information can be given but also by the health insurance companies. In this way ensures that the specialist takes care of my teeth, which is best suitable for the required treatment. This is of particular importance when it involves an unusual dental treatment requires a special training on the part of the dentist. To find a dentist in Stuttgart, which is able to pull a tooth, or to repair a caries conditional hole, should not be very difficult present themselves. Differently it looks at more complex indications.

“A good guidance is, once a private sight-seeing-tour” through various Stuttgart dentists and seek advice from the medical support staff on-site. This you should put together before a deliberate questionnaire himself, quasi as a standardized question concept for all offices visited to after finished questioning easier to one Decision to be able to reach. But what can make the yellow pages, can the Internet long. Today, the website is no longer a luxury product. An own Web page belongs not only to the good sound, but is also a second card for your own business. The physicians also have understood this in the meantime. Hardly a doctor, a dentist who has not its own Web page, which informs the potential customers/patients a wealth of important initial information. Particularly the specialized dental practices emphasize and describe their specialization usually, so you can pull valuable conclusions on the question of the Web page, whether this or that practice can meet my needs.


3 May

A neurotic person is, simply, a person who suffers. That he suffers a lot. The neurosis concept is synonymous with excessive emotional pain, with the corresponding psicoconductuales aftermath. These sequels can be of many types (anxiety, phobias, depression, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, addictions, obsessions, fears, problems of personality, etc.), but, in general, all of them share a same nature, only one meaning. What are these? What is neurosis and como se cura? From a psychodynamic approach, we can view neurosis from many angles and, therefore, define it in several ways.

Por_ejemplo, we can say that: 1) the neurosis is a conflict. Certainly, it is the outcome of a conflict, usually unconscious, between the feelings that the subject really feel but dare not admit and show feelings/behaviours that believed itself bound by received education and social, to express requirements (p. ex., pain, anger, fear, guilt, attachment, self-disrespect, etc.). Of this contradiction of this clash, usually arises an intermediate mask, a more or less distorted feeling/conduct, which we call the symptom. A set of symptoms is called disorder.

(2) The neurosis is a lock. As a result of the previous conflict and its derivative symptoms, the person can not flow and adapt easily to the reality, jams, fails here and there (couple, work, social relationships, projects, happiness, etc.), it suffers a lot through it all. As a result, their symptoms are feedbacks and perpetuate. (3) The neurosis is a defense. Against what? Precisely against her most secret and unbearable pains: his heartbreak, their traumas, their fears, their repressed feelings, his childhood lost forever, its responsibility to take care of yourself / a, etc. 4) neurosis is a strategy. Paradoxically, the neurotic symptoms also offer its advantages, because they give the subject the opportunity to be the center of attention, claim love and pampering, dominate the environment, prevent life and responsibilities, etc. Thus, the neurotic, for convenience and laziness unconscious, resists without knowing it to be cured. (5) The neurosis is immaturity. The above is a demonstration and, at the same time, an enhancer of the secret infantilism – or narcissism-of the neurotic that, ultimately, is nothing more than a scared child stuck in the past, avoiding life, giving up his freedom. The neurotic, in sum, paradoxically clung to their problem, refuses to grow. Como se cura neurosis? If this is, as we have seen, the encrypted expression of a conflict, a lock, a defense, a strategy and a form of immaturity, then healing will require exploring and bringing to light, with courage, the basic conflict of the subject for, with the help and support of the therapist, revive them without masks and overcome them with patience and responsibility. One will have to discover, accept and learn to live with the hardest truths of himself and his environment, past and present; will have that mourn, infuriate you and abandon their feelings of guilt; exceed, in the end, their latest children’s resistance. You can then assume, without fear, with self-esteem and with a more bearable pain, that I no longer need to continue running away from myself, because I feel fully capable of dealing with my past, my life and my destiny. And only then happiness will start to come into his life. This is the process of psychodynamic therapy. JOSe LUIS CANO GILPsicoterapeuta and writer.

Skin Diseases Dermatitis

26 Apr

Skin zabolevaniyDermatity – inflammatory skin reaction in response to environmental stimuli. Distinguish between contact dermatitis and drug reaction. Contact dermatitis occur under the direct influence of impact of external factors on the skin, past drug reaction initially penetrate into the internal environment. Dermatitis: etiology and pathogenesis. Stimuli, conditional dermatitis, have physical, chemical or biological nature. The so-called obligate stimuli cause a simple (artificial artefitsialny) dermatitis in everyone. These include friction, pressure, radiation and temperature effects (see Burns and Frostbite), acids and alkalis, some plants (nettles, fraxinella, acrid buttercup, euphorbia, etc.).

Optional irritants cause inflammation of the skin only in individuals with heightened sensitivity to them: there is an allergic (Sensibilizatsionny) dermatitis. Number of elective stimuli (sensitizers) that cause dermatitis is enormous and constantly growing. Greatest practical significance of these salts are chromium, nickel, cobalt, formalin, turpentine, resins, medicines, detergents, cosmetics, perfumery items, insecticides, some plants (primrose, aloe, tobacco, snowdrop, geraniums, garlic, etc.). The pathogenesis of simple dermatitis reduces to the direct damage to skin tissues. Therefore, the clinical manifestations of a simple dermatitis and its flow is determined by strength (concentration), duration of exposure and the nature of the stimulus, and lesion skin (dermatitis) occurs immediately or shortly after the first contact with an irritant, and the area of destruction strongly corresponds to the area of contact. Treatment of dermatitis reduces simply to remove the stimulus, caused it.

The basis of allergic dermatitis is monovalent skin sensitization. Sensitizers causing allergic dermatitis are typically haptens. Connecting with the proteins of skin, they form conjugates with complete allergens, which are influenced by stimulated lymphocytes, which is responsible for the development of sensibilizatsionnogo dermatitis as a delayed reaction. A huge role in the mechanism sensitization are individual characteristics of the organism: the state of the nervous system (including autonomic), genetic predisposition, transferred and comorbidities (including athlete’s foot), the state water-lipid mantle of the skin, as well as the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands.


7 Apr

We often hear the word “nutraceuticals” and did not understand its meaning in our lives. What is it? These are the same biologically active additives that enrich the products to improve their nutritional value. Because even good Supplements discredited by unscrupulous sellers, experts have introduced a new term “nutraceuticals” stressing that they, like drugs, clinical trials and meet the quality standards adopted in modern pharmacology. Among nutraceuticals – vitamins, fatty acids, some minerals and trace elements – calcium, iron, selenium, zinc, iodine, fluorine, amino, mono-and disaccharides, food fiber (cellulose, pectins). That is the substance in which the body needs daily, but do not always receive. Nutraceuticals as drugs in clinical trials and pharmacological meet quality standards. Experts recommend taking supplements, nutraceuticals for the prevention of premature aging and development of “age” of disease.

Determine which substances do not have enough your body will help a special analysis. These important for our health matter can be bought at a pharmacy or health food stores or obtained from fruits and vegetables. Short examples: * Allicin – found in garlic and different kinds of onion, including ordinary bulb. Reduces “Bad” cholesterol, cleanses the body of carcinogens. In combination with selenium effectively prevents breast cancer, reduces blood clots, reduces the risk of heart attack. Enhances immunity. In large quantities can be reduce blood clotting, so those who are already taking drugs, anticoagulants, caution is needed. Dosage: 2-3 cloves garlic or half a cup finely chopped onions (fresh or browned) per day. * Betaine – biologically active substance found in sugar beet.

Travel Insurance

25 Oct

It is recommended if you have a third-party insurance, expand it so that it covers the travel assistance to us. Do do hire a cheap insurance to third parties and adem? s that get us wide coverage, is not thing f? cil and better information should be? n before hiring him. Do do do are we going to deal with c? mo get a p? liza travel assistance lo m? s econ? possible micamente. A p? liza travel assistance must come included in our insurance to third parties. Do we will have to talk to the insurance company for which ampl? our p? liza including the travel assistance, which is very necessary if you are going to embark on a journey with his car with the whole family to spend the summer holidays. Do a major? insurers to include in your expanded insurance to third parties assistance in travel, what var? is what understands each compa?does a travel assistance and what the p? liza includes. Do so it must ensure that accident this cover assistance m? dica yours and all his family, ACE? as shipments to the hospital. Do Furthermore insurance of? your car also? n must cover car on-site repairs in case of sinister and being covered the service of gr? a. Do it is best to have a repair service that fix us the car at the scene of the accident to continue trip with our family and if it is not possible to be able to move it to the mec workshop? nico m? s close, all this covered of course by our insurance to third parties.


31 Aug

Do some surveys conducted by insurance companies in the market espa? ol, emphasize very striking results in some fields of insurance for cars. Do not s? try find the opinion? n of customers with respect to the prices of insurance for cars, but what are the preferences when choosing insurance or another. Do do the results of one of these surveys have allowed see c? mo a little m? s 45% of users have an all risk insurance and 54% takes your car insurance to third parties. This, sure, est? directly related to the different prices of insurance for cars that currently exist. Do do other data that has been obtained from other surveys highlight that the greater? of car owners are not spent m? s of 300 euros to the? or in the maintenance of the same. Another very curious fact is that ensures that nearly 80% of drivers est? in favour of not being able to smoke while driving; do do 21.7% confess that they only know the is? tr ales? fico m? s usual and 8.6% used the intermittent rarely. ?Qu? does happens with the issue of prices of insurance for cars? Apparently, do do these data are no longer so important for insurers since the competition is so strong that they know have that? Touchup? their rates constantly.

Massage At Home Or In The Cabin

30 Jul

The majority of people know about the benefits of massage. Many of them feel the healing properties of this procedure, decide to make massage more often, even regularly. And then in front of such people raises a reasonable question: Does the massage therapist at home or visiting massage? To answer this question, let us think about it and discuss both points of view. Thus, a massage parlor. What are the advantages of the procedure of massage in a specially designated place? Of course, the most important advantage of the massage room is that it is – a massage. It is specially equipped for massage. It is convenient to everything, there is a special table, in this study all have a masseur on hand. Masseur, as any other specialist, accustomed to your workplace, and therefore will do its job efficiently.

Yes, and the patient coming for a massage in a special place, will feel some concentration and, accordingly, be adjusted on its reception very carefully. But, of course, have a massage in the massage room, there are a few drawbacks. And the first one – is its distance from your home. Agree, is not often is that the therapist, to which you are accustomed (accustomed to the hands which your body) works in an office across the street. Chachto to popas a session has to go to the other end of town. Go to the bus, pushing. And if the court cold season, the pleasing effect of massage, to put it mildly, somewhat scattered, is not it? It would be simply amazing massage immediately after a cup of tea and relax in your favorite chair! Another small lack massage room, as banal as it sounds – it is the price. The price of massage in the office higher than the price of massage at home. And everything is explained very simply, because the masseur, but his salary, still need to pay the rent for , water, and so on. And while the massage room is not always convenient, we have to adapt. Now a bit about massage at home.

It is clear that your home is not a massage. It is not so convenient and rehabilitated to massage as a massage. While some massage therapists manage to carry a house on a massage table But on the other hand, massage at home is convenient first patient, and that’s, you see, is very important! The massage is conducted in convenient for the patient to time, at his home, where everything is convenient and comfortable for him. No need to go anywhere across the city. The problem with the job (massage table) is easily solved on the couch or just on the floor. In addition to massage therapist, working at home, it is customary to work ‘in the field’, the lack of a massage table is not confused by a professional. Immediately after the session you can relax, feeling full all the healing properties of the procedure massage. Prices for a massage, of course, lower than a massage, because there is no rental charges for electricity, water and so on. So, what’s better, a massage parlor or a massage at home? In fact, it all depends on the particular person’s views for the benefit of massage, its habits and mood. If you are staying on the massage at home, happy to offer my services. On them you can read on my web site in order massage.