The Studs

25 Mar

In the absence of special key, you can use the four-sided key that is available to motorists. ic. The ideal place would be dismantling the piano non-residential premises, but most likely you will have to conduct the operation in the apartment. So free of unnecessary items room, try to make it a corridor. If you work alone, it is necessary to note that for security purposes will require a significant amount of time. In this case, do not forget to the start of work to prevent young children, the disabled, elderly, people suffering from mental disorder in this room that, as said before, do not put them in a negligence injury. In place indiscriminately to cover the floor with several layers of cloth-product, we mean living quarters, as the later, you will need to pour water Pegs mechanism for less physical effort by twisting groves of virbilbanka. Originally decide the question of lighting, the more you have lighting, the better will be your work.

It should also be provided for the disassembled parts sladirovaniya piano. Transgress to the immediate dismantling of the piano. Remove the upper and lower lids, they are fixed with 2 turntables and one for the upper strut to the bottom, respectively. Remove, traffic on a ledge (the cover covering the keyboard). Pull gammerbank (Hammer), which is fixed with 2 or 3 screws, removing them first. In some cases, the studs are sitting tight on the basis of the mechanism so you have to with a hammer gently dislodge them from the seat.

Victoria Calleja

9 Nov

Electronic music is once again brought to life, needs no book of synonymous words, is simply there. Since producer Steffen Schuhrke has conjured into being good. This has nothing to do with magic. No, the magic formula is: good song, good song writer, good texts and good singer, good musicians and producers team a’ la title “Killjoy” sung by Victoria Charls, produced by Steffen Schuhrke, co producer Bernd Brown, vocal coach Karina Pieper (singer with the stage name Carina). New and already discovered…

Crazy, crazy and totally cool! Inca fan puts on his home page fan, Inca Victoria Charls.; under the heading links. Preventive Medicine Research Institute is a great source of information. The comment is: Victoria sings great cover version by Incas killjoy “.” This is crazy, crazy and absolutely cool! The link leads directly to the official homepage of the young pop singer Victoria VICTORIA – Victoria is listed in the link list been fan world, insane human e. V., central Germany,, children’s Hospice with Nicki, Hendrik Bruch, Heike Makatsch,, Jana Fanclub, AH Inca fanpage, Inca and not forgetting “Inka official homepage”. Crazy world! Da turns pale perhaps Thomas Gottschalk with envy.

“Betting that?” Jokes aside, the grapevine works anyway, and is sometimes faster than you think, Yes once in a while he goes over your friends and helpers even in the fast lane – almost so how a motorist who thinks there would be in the ADAC. Will find someone down. Woman seeking Bauer works after all for the show”too, and if not, can we us still our new home”look. There is gossip, news and a great headline. Now it is time to produce a maxi-CD, or at least the production to begin, get also all old and new fans of Victoria Charls in the musical enjoyment of the newly created Inca DDR chart hits”can spoil the party. Then is of course the new releases of Victoria Calleja to think album. Maybe even a chart position manages… The reason is of course like you or her vigorously for Victoria vote or vote. Maybe it creates with your Victoria Charls Cover title killjoy “even in the charts perhaps we see Victoria in the one or the other TV stations (VIVA, MTV, Jamba TV, Yavido clips, RTL, MDR, etc) again.” It remains to be seen. We’ll see source press report / publication took place through: VICTORIA CALLEJA management CARINA SHOWS k. Pieper field Street 6 D-39393 life Tel.: 039404 50449 fax: 039404 66524 email: website: