22 Dec

If we look for in Greek the meaning of attitude we need comes from the word "stas??" (Stasis), meaning "position", "stability", "get high." Comes from the Latin word "attitude" which means "get tough", "stand", "posture of the human body, especially when it is determined by the movements of the mind, or a statement about efficiency," "mood manifested somehow. " In Spanish has the same meaning as the above words. Given all the above definitions, we could say that "attitude" is how we face life and its circumstances (obstacles, difficulties etc.) Ortega y Gaset would say. According to psychology focusing on the person of Carl Rogers, attitudes are internal and give rise to our behavior. Maxwell in his book "What makes the difference," says that the origin of our attitude is in our thoughts. That is how we think determines our attitude. If our thoughts are positive, we will have a positive attitude towards life and its adversities. If instead of positive thoughts, our mind generates negative thoughts, our attitude towards life and the difficulties will be negative, pessimistic, bitter etc.

In his book "The Power of Additional Factor," Norman Vincent Peale tells an anecdote. As he walked through the streets of Hong Kong stopped in front of a place where tattoos were in the window watching the models of tattoos, I noticed a sign that said "born to lose." He immediately went into the tattoo shop and asked the Chinese tattoo artist, if there is actually someone who wants to wear those awful words in your body. Credit: The University of Chicago-2011. The tattooist replied in broken English and golpendo his forehead with his fingers, "before the tattoo is in the body, the tattoo is first in the mind." People can tattoo ideas in our minds positive and negative ideas. Our attitude depends on what kinds of thoughts tattooed on our minds. The attitude makes a difference in people. This is what allows us to develop our capabilities to the fullest. Attitude is what determines how we see and how we handle our feelings.

The attitude gives us an advantage over others or leaves us at a disadvantage. It all depends on how positive or negative is our acitud. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Attitude is the only difference between failure and success. Attitude is an additive to our personality that can become people with whom others feel comfortable. None of us like to be with negative people, pessimists who complain about everything, dragging living existence. That's why leaders must have a good attitude. Without positive leadership eventually collapses, the person collapses, the first hurdle. Further, the followers of the leader quickly notice that action attitudes. It is impossible for a leader with a bad attitude to succeed. Let us wait to be the person we want to be and start has to be that person now.

William James

20 Dec

The breathing is not blocked, get in the bowels, entstehenden abdominal sensations/feelings in the chest region and can on the way”with are true, differenziert and finally in gestures, facial expressions, in action UMgesetzt to. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is often quoted as being for or against this. “A blocking and flattening the breathing caused a block and BeschranKung the emotions and feelings, so that in their importance as an advisor”, as ressourCE for a seelische Constitution ausGEwogene, a clear perCEPtion and AngeMESSENES act not for the VerfuGung are available. We perceive body States, emotion and feeling when we feel emotions. Feelings are necessary to the Wahrnehmung of the body modified by emotions.(William James) Emotion (emovere: move) (from birth) refers to the experience and the expression of joy, fear, grief, curiosity and anger, later also blame, shame, envy, etc. Every experience, every experience is associated with emotions, every emotion has a certain quality of experience and a motivation for a particular behavior. The evolution has been first then the emotions, with the development of the younger brain structures – the feelings.

Motor for automatic reactions to stimuli that therefore have prevailed on unconscious nature of sicher(te)n an organism’s survival and are emotions. Emotions are temporary Veranderungen in the OrgNISMUS, perceived it with us, so one speaks of feeling. Damasio bezeichnet the Reprasentation of the increasing temporary changes in the Organismus in form neural office and the ideas that verbundenen feeling. 7 The feeling is so perceived not in the body but in the representation of the body schema in the brain. The basis for this perception is created in the mapping of the Korpers in the brain. These cards depict parts of the body and its conditions. My lessons always aims to acquire a verlassliche sensory perception (again) about the touching with the hands, to be aware of body schema and body conditions, formulate, and (again) to create maps in the brain and through the dialogue between the brain and body.

Dresden Hospice Talk

16 Dec

The talk show in Dresden with exciting entertainment and touching topics Pope Johannes XXIII. once said: our dead belong to the invisible, but not those absent “.” Why we go to a modern and civilized country like Germany still with the death”so strange to? Children ask questions early after the death and the afterlife. For adults, however, death is often a taboo subject. Why? If the death is but just as pervasive as the beginning of a new life. Therefore is dedicated to Thomas Kaminski talk “on 14 may, 19: 00 the theme of death belongs to life”.

Invited talk: Oliver & Katja Dunker by burials Darling employee/collaborator from a Dresden Hospice start: 19:00. “Location: Marche lounge in the Dresden main train station, viewers have the opportunity before and after the event our delicious talk special” to use: held usually at the special price of only 9.80 14,80, can feast buffet for them on the versatile and fresh market Marche. The tickets cost with advance reservation 10.00 / reduced Euro 8,00 per person. Last-minute visitors pay 12 euros at the box office / concessions 10,00 euro per person. Reduced prices for pensioners, pupils / students and the unemployed. Upon presentation of the relevant permission card.

A Heaven For Grandma

13 Dec

The child-friendly handling with the death of Valentine and Lena played not too long ago still happily with her grandmother. See more detailed opinions by reading what Daniel Taub offers on the topic.. But all of a sudden this beloved person is gone. What happened and how should this be dealt? The online Department store presents a reading picture book that deals sensitively with the subject of death and dying. Many adults believe that children have no understanding of death. Parents are similarly at a loss when it comes to explain the loss of a relative to children. Often, they seek help in one of the books on this topic then. Also a heaven for Grandma is deals with much ease and openness”with life and death, mourning and remembering. On the basis of the death of a pet, and later also the death of the grandmother, the story conveys the naturalness of dying in the cycle of life and death.

It encourages children as parents to talk openly about the loss and the pain, the beautiful moments to remember and to say goodbye. The story, illustrated with colourful images, should help to prepare children for a possible bereavement in the family. The children’s book by Antonie Schneider for additional advice of the Association of children’s Hospice added, which should be helpful to parents, if a family death occurs. More information: press / contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

General Administration

6 Dec

Sources close to the Minister of economy so confirmed it. The Minister will not leave in principle active in party politics. He has held the portfolio for health, public administration and economy. The economic Deputy Minister, Elena Salgado, has communicated to the direction of the PSOE its intention not to repeat in lists in the next general election, they have assured sources of your environment. Although it is not in the lists, Salgado does not intend to abandon the policy, and therefore will be available for the match, according to the cited sources.

Salgado, although it is not militant Socialist he headed the list of the PSOE in Cantabria in the general election, he held the portfolios of health, public administration and economy. Natural in Ourense, Salgado is an engineer degree in economic sciences s from the Complutense University of Madrid and industrial by the school technical top engineers industrial (ETSII) of Madrid. In the March 2008 elections she was elected a member of the PSOE by Cantabria. Until then not He had never formed part of a candidacy, though he had collaborated on several election campaigns of his party. After the Socialist victory in general elections, Rodriguez Zapatero confirmed as Minister for public administrations, post he held on April 14. A year later, on April 7, 2009 she was appointed second Vice President and Minister of economy and finance in the new Executive of Rodriguez Zapatero. Since his appointment as head of economy and finance has been responsible for commissioning u n plan of budgetary adjustment since his appointment as head of economy and finance has been commissioned to launch a plan of budgetary adjustment, which aims to put the deficit in 2013 at 3 per cent. The economic adjustment measures include a Plan of immediate action for 2010, an austerity Plan 2011-2013 for the General Administration of the State and the proposal of an agreement framework for the autonomous communities and local corporations.

In March 2010, also took part, along with Miguel Sebastian and Jose Blanco, of the ministerial candidates responsible for negotiations between the Government and the parliamentary groups to reach agreements against the crisis, in what became colloquially referred to as covenants of Zurbano. During the semester of European Presidency of the EU, between January and June 2010, he had to deal with numerous issues of financial markets against the solvency of the Spanish State. Because of the economic crisis, his Ministry became the center of the Government’s policy. Since mid-2010, his Ministry has had to present a series of measures to prevent the cto contagion of the crisis affecting the countries of the periphery of the zone euro. These measures include the labor reform, which the Government adopted in the absence of agreement by the social partners, the reform of pensions or cuts in the administrative expenses. Source of the news: Salgado communicates to the direction of the PSOE its intention not to repeat in the lists of the party