Thai Massage

27 Mar

Some people deep depression is a feeling of light pressure, while others with experiencing unbearable pain. The same goes for flexibility and the ability of muscles to stretch. It is important to understand just how far you can stretch the muscles of a patient and apply pressure on his body. Too sharp pressing always causes pain, so be sure to start with a light pressure and gradually increase it. Keep track of the state of his patient, and you will understand when to stop violent action. It is necessary that the patient he told you not too strong it seems to stretch. Of age does not depend on the degree of flexibility and pain threshold. People who are lifelong care of your body can be amazingly flexible, and in old age.

Session Thai massage is in full within two to two and a half hours. But this does not mean that in a shorter time to effective massage possible. If time is limited, it is better to focus on any parts of the body and make the most impact on them than trying to do the full range. If you are unfamiliar with the Thai system, do not try to perform complex tricks up until not mastered basic. Physiotherapist in necessary to monitor the situation of his body, so its weight was distributed evenly, otherwise you may damage your own muscles. By pressing and stretching should involve the whole body weight, rather than using only the muscles hands. The masseur should have the same comfort as the patient, because discomfort prevent him concentrate and disrupt the harmony of movements necessary for Thai massage. So what's the secret of Thai healing? The answer is that it allows the muscles to maintain proper distribution of energy in the body, it maintains the elasticity of the muscles, which contributes to their harmonious functioning.

The efficiency of muscles that a joint is determined by the difference of its length in a relaxed and able to work. When a muscle is strained, it always becomes shorter. If you force the muscle too, or, conversely, does not train her, that is, for one reason or another, limiting its movement, it loses its elasticity, eventually, straining this muscle, you will feel pain – a characteristic feature of the aging process. Muscle weakness can lead to uneven load on the spine – a very important part of the body. As a result – back pain, lower back, neck and headaches, which are rapidly becoming chronic. With the help of Thai massage can stretch any muscle, and the positive results you will achieve much faster than using other systems of massage. Thai massage should not be considered simply as a set of physical exercises, in which case you do not expose all realize its potential. Must take into account the importance of exchange of internal energy between the bidders. It is always a two way process, and the result depends on how strong psychological relationship between the massage therapist and his patient. If two people wish to achieve a harmonious exchange of life force, an ideal tool for this – Thai massage.

Pain Treatment

28 Feb

Currently, there are complex approach to the treatment of pain, which in relation to pain in the back include two phase. First – medical, involves the use of various drugs anti-inflammatory properties, as well as various pain ointments and gels that are applied to the skin in the painful area and consistently rubbed into the skin. The second – is aimed at eliminating pain in the back through the development of flexibility and general endurance, strengthen back muscles, creating a kind of muscular corset around spine. Such muscular corset protects the vertebra and intervertebral discs from bias. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Heart Specialist. Physiotherapy, swimming contribute to the effective establishment of muscular system. Medical phase of treatment is widely common in traditional medicine. However, its lack of significant should include the fact that in the majority of drugs containing substances obtained mostly by synthetic means. Therapeutic effect of the use of One of them is often detrimental to health in general.

Substantial progress in the development of pain medication, does not detract from the entire body and obtained exclusively from components plant was made by Swiss company VIVASAN (Vivasan). To achieve this goal, the company has developed a unique gel PC 1928 quick action on the basis of an extract of mussels and martinis fragrant. In the gel also includes a number of active natural ingredients. Thus, the extract fragrant martini, known popularly as the "devil's claw" reduces swelling, removes inflammation, relieves pain in joints, increasing their mobility. Polysaccharides dampening action (glycosaminoglycans) in combination with an extract of Arnica stimulates blood circulation, remove bruises.

Water – The Main Component Of The Health Of Human Life

29 Apr

No wonder the tales, the water is divided into two types: "live" from which are all diseases, from which one can come to life, and "dead", which kills anyone who will try it. However, knowing how important our health is good and pure water, few of us care about her as the real thing. The fact that you can not drink tap water, has been known for almost everything. Read additional details here: Cardiologist. But not everyone knows that the situation can not save even filters. Yes, they clean, but with harmful impurities etched and all nutrients. Not stored in water and mineral salts, and after boiling.

Some have found the way out, and started to use for drinking bottled mineral water: to buy or order a cooler water delivery to your home. Read more from Heart Specialist to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Such water is, of course, is pure, it contains no artificial additives, and mined it for the long-known sources. In addition, it is extremely low content of sodium ions, and some species contain natural or added carbon dioxide. However, the use of mineral water can only be prescribed by a doctor, because it is a kind of medicine. Moreover, if one organ, it can be useful, for another suicidal. That's why it can not drink during exacerbation of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. There is another kind of water – purified drinking.

You can drink it all, because it does not contain such a large amount of salt and minerals. But everything is not so simple. The fact that such water is treated at a molecular level, is saturated with artificial mineral components, is carried in tanks on the production. During the processing and bottling it loses its original properties, its life-giving energy. An alternative is natural water, which is mined in environmentally friendly sources. From other types of drinking water it is different in that it does not goes no further treatment, bottled directly at source, and keeps all its useful properties. Quality control is performed in special laboratories. Just like other water, it can be ordered from home delivery, or rent a cooler. Natural water gives you strength, health and longevity.

Lose Weight Easily

30 Mar

Lose Weight with pleasure Cute girls! What did not we endure in order to maintain their perfect shape! After all, they say, ‘Beauty requires sacrifice! “. And, of course, we find a long grueling diet, select starvation, load themselves physically demanding, and it turns out, often deliver harm to our body. We certainly know that the most important thing in an attractive woman – is, of course, health and youth who are not accompanied by excessive weight. The word ‘Grazing’ for vygovarivaniyu a bit like the word ‘bite’. It came from the English language, ‘graze’ translated means ‘pasture’. In our past, it turns out, on this diet was well known. But in order to obtain a permanent effect to be understood and skillfully apply a few rules we feel the desire to eat because of the hormone ghrelin, which produces gastric mucosa. This hormone recently discovered by Japanese scientists.

When stomach constantly empty, then the hormone is produced very much, and we are ready to eat the entire anyone. There is a way out – eat less, but more often. That’s about it and told our doctors in the recent past, when we appealed to split meals. Traditionally, the offer to eat at least six times a day. And in order not to abuse the food and get the desired result to help us come Grazing. He teaches in the right mode to eat in between meals. The result is obtained such that the stomach is empty less time – and the hormone ghrelin is also produced fewer.

So it turns out that we are able to control the amount of food consumed per day. Grazing brings tangible benefits. It is this type of diet is recommended for problems with the digestive tract, weight loss and useful for our heart and body as a whole. Diet looks like this: breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, snack before bedtime. The second meal is better to move closer to the dinner, not to overeat later on a long break between meals. It is better not to use vegetables and fruits in its pure form, but do low-calorie salad and eat it with a small piece of bread. Foods that contain lots of fat must necessarily be excluded. But as you know, this condition is present in most diets. And, as you know, grain bread, milk, cereals and so on – the most optimal for a snack. And an indispensable condition – there is no hurry! As soon as you feel satiety, pause, listen to yourself, and maybe leave some meal for the next bite.


22 Oct

Pros and cons It is known that UV light enhances immunity, speeds up metabolism, activates the process of developing vitamin D3, strengthens bone and kotoryyi muscle. In addition toyu, several sessions in the solarium will prepare your skin for a trip to tropical countries and beach holidays. However, those same ultraviolet rays break down collagen, the skin, causing it to premature aging, make hair dry and brittle and cause cancer. So a few sessions tanning face and body will give a pleasant shade, and make you younger, but abuse of tan and impact on appearance, and health. How much sun do you need? The first type of skin (Celtic), very light, easy to burn the skin with lots of freckles, light blue, light green or light gray eyes, blond or red hair.

People with this type of skin tanning in general is not recommended. In extreme cases, Use special tools before and after tanning, sunbathing is not more than 10 minutes no more than twice a week. The first session of not more than 3-5 minutes. The second type of skin (light-skinned European) light, often burn the skin with a number of freckles, blue, gray or green eyes, light brown hair. Start with the sun 3 – 5 minute sessions, followed by sessions of 10-15 minutes, no more than three times a week. The third type of leather (black Europeans) is pretty light, but rarely burn skin, gray or brown eyes, dark blond or brown hair. Sunbathe for 20 minutes to three times a week, 5-6 sessions is enough. The fourth type of skin (Mediterranean) dark, easily ignited skin, brown eyes and brown hair.

to get a beautiful tan will be enough to only 3-4 sessions of 20 minutes. RULES OF TANNING Before visiting the tanning you should consult with a physician, because There are a number of drugs that increase sensitivity and allergy triggers in the ultraviolet, the reception of which can not be combined with a tan in the solarium. It is not recommended to visit a solarium during pregnancy for people suffering from dermatitis, hypertension and liver disease. Be sure to take a x / b scarf to protect hair. Solarium dehydrated hair loses its luster, fade and become brittle. Do not forget, and dark sunglasses. Do not wash with soap and water immediately before a session, because Soap breaks down the protective greases the skin, which can lead to burning. Sensitivity to UV light increases and after epilation. During the session, do not use cosmetics, deodorants, nourishing cream first aromatic oils. Remove all the decorations. It is better not to sunbathe topless, especially women after thirty. UV activates the metabolism, so try after tanning a little rest and relax, drink fruit juice or green tea with a high content of vitamin C. So the benefit of sunbathing, sunbathe with pleasure. Source: Country Councils

The Therapist

15 Oct

I would like to start with some myths about psychotherapy, prevailing not only in folklore, but often in the minds of novice psychotherapists. Actually due to inexperienced and untrained therapists who have a dime a dozen, these myths often arise. The first myth, that the therapist can see you through. Having met the psychologist, people often think that this expert human nature sees them as something special. And as an experienced therapist sees through all the hidden motives, a mile away and feels the problem complex, his theory explains all of their behavior. In fact, the therapist as a mirror, serves as a patient to self-discovery. In this case the therapist – not neutral "objective observer": he does not hide his emotions, and often involved in the psychological "games" that leads them to the client. More info: Cardiologist. Psychotherapy is sometimes like co-creation, and sometimes – love, sometimes – the war.

The second myth, that the therapist can manipulate you, hypnotized, programmed you. Today it is actively spreading the myth adepts "Neuro-linguistic programming" or just NLP. Some therapists speak the truth and hypnosis (which is much less than those who think that he owns), but the effect of such foci is small and short-lived. Psychologists have found that in order to change the person, the main thing – to understand and love him, believe in him and let him feel it. Otherwise, it just does not want to change. And the fact that personality and character can be changed without his desire – it's a fairy tale. So the quickest way for people to change is through its adoption as it already is (this, incidentally, the therapeutic prescription in case you want done, for example, to change the law).