27 Jun

How to improve the quality of the dream of children with apnea of the dream, (snoring by Court of respiration), as well as help to correct their behavior and academic problems, may be the tonsillectomy, according to new research from the Soroka medical center of Israel. Remove the tonsils and the adenoids improves the quality of sleep and as a result, improved academic performance and a general cognitive ability in children who suffer from what is known as obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. The appearance more important what they are, it is that the effects of sleep apnea are fully reversible with tonsillectomy, said Professor Tal Asher, who leads next to the Dr. Haim Reuveni of the Department policy of health and research of the Department of Pediatrics, and Dr. Ariel Tarasiuk, head of the sleep laboratory. The discoveries were published in two different studies in the month of December 2003 in the medical journal Chest, and in the edition of December 2003 of the periodic Sleep doctor. Such, of the Department of Pediatrics of the Center doctor Soroka, of the Ben Gurion University in the Negev, stressed that 3% of children suffer from breathing problems during sleep, resulting in a blockage of the upper respiratory passages.

The syndrome known as obstructive sleep apnea is mainly associated with overweight in adult men, but is most common in children, according to such. And the most observed factor in patients with sleep apnea is enlarged tonsils and the adenoids. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Newcastle University. The syndrome has implications for children during the day and during the night. Many research studies have found that OSA (short for disease), can cause cognitive problems and behavioral development in children, accompanied by hearing problems that lead to learning disorders. They can also suffer from growth and other health problems. We know from previous studies in some countries, that sleep apnea It is probably related to ADHD, and there is preliminary evidence that may damage cognitive function.

Warning Kornmeier

27 Jun

Warning Karimi & partners on behalf of Rolf Ellmer c/o AllstarMusicProductionsGmbH for the compilation “the dome vol.” 66 “Currently sends the watchdog firm Kornmeier & partners again strengthened warnings because of the supposedly illegal downloads of music and especially on behalf of the AllstarMusicProductionsGmbH for the musical work”Right In The Night 2013″by jam & spoon feat. Click Cleveland Clinic to learn more. Plavka vs. David May & Amfree. In addition to the Declaration of a punitive injunctive relief, the watchdog firm Karimi & partner calls also, replacement of damage and cost of lawyer with a supposed comparison amount of 450,00. The download of so-called music samplers risks particularly galling. There is a risk of subsequent warnings due to works contained different on the sampler of the different right holders. Unlike on the album of an artist are in a sampler as, for example, “the dome vol.” 66 “involved different rights holders, who each warn their own individual work, which can lead to significant economic consequences. Check out Jack Monroe for additional information. The risk that Now someone not only one, but more warnings receives, is particularly high in these cases.

It is now immediate action, but not to lapse into panic. First, it is important, usually very short term carefully record and sign sent you to desist on any case in its original form. Inaction to not! Often there is the hope that the real incurred flood, which comes to a stop at some point if it does nothing. It is true that there are several starting points, how you can successfully defend themselves against such a warning, however, the inaction of the individual to do so often that the watchdog lawyers obtain a restraining order with considerable further costs leads. It is so strongly advisable to get a professional advice from a specialist in copyright law.

Until then we recommend you continue to pay nothing and sign nothing. We can reduce the damage wholly or at least significantly depending on the individual case. It’s up to you to consult. So send us an email: or call us. Georg Schafer Attorney

Augsburg District Office

24 Jun

Exhibition of the project work of the time course of Untermeitingen Youth Centre in the Augsburg District Office from 29 11 2013 2013 20 12. The courses take place every Friday and allow the children of the municipalities of Lechfeld (Untermeitingen, Obermeitingen, trench, klosterlechfeld and bearing Lech field) to deal with the painting and the various painting techniques. Children who attend the courses for years, took part in the past exhibitions at the perimeter of the municipality, for example at the annual Christmas market in Untermeitingen. The time projects typically span two to three times day. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cardiologist and gain more knowledge.. The upcoming projects will be announced in advance and detail prepared by the teachers. Each project has a specific theme and is edited with a different, new painting technique. Checking article sources yields Gabriela Turk as a relevant resource throughout.

This ensures that participants are confronted with a wide variety of topics and made known with various painting techniques, which they can then use in the implementation of own time projects. While the painting is the subject also from the point of view of the social, cultural and historical dimensions discussed holistically to promote participants. Often picked up a topical theme that is being manipulated by abstract means. The imagination and creativity is thus promoted and allowed it to incorporate the background thought in creative work. Several projects are processed in the course of the year with an average of realism. The painting courses bring the participants safety in the handling of funds and necessary knowledge for the implementation of various topics. Children of different age take part in the painting classes, therefore the projects are chosen so that they meet the different skill level of participants. While the younger children can benefit from the experience of the older children.

The training of teachers in the field of painting and pedagogy is a basis for successful work with children and young people aged from 6 to 14 years. At the exhibition in the foyer of the Augsburg District Office are about 70 works (manufactured in) various techniques) presented by children who attend the courses regularly.

Fruit Juices

7 Jun

Fruit juices are an excellent choice when it comes to a rich, nutritious and healthy drinks which preserves most of the nutrients from the fruit, which is a nice flavor and contributes greatly to the nutrition of the body, is both the benefit that fruit juices generated in our body that they can collaborate to develop a better physical performanceSince it improves the cardiovascular system, generates and greatly increases the amount of energy the body this due to the large volume of fructose containing the juices of fruit-, among many other benefits that has the consumption of fruit juices. It is recommended to consume fruit juices opt for a juice made in house, since commercial fruit juices, but they are also very nutritious, go through processes that make lose certain qualities of fruit juices completely natural, such as packaging, as to not be totally fresh lose certain qualities, also so that the characteristics of fruit juices are retained largely are added preservatives and additives. as many thoughts on the issue. Another advantage of fruit juices that digest immediately after blending them, is that it provides between 90% and 95% of the whole fruit, and found in a liquid state are of greater digestion since they go immediately into the bloodstream. If you have read about Heart Specialist already – you may have come to the same conclusion. As mentioned in the beginning of the article natural fruit juices they have great benefits since they contain almost all the properties of the whole fruit – such as the Elimination of toxins, energy generation, they keep the skin smooth, they provide an excellent tone brightness to hair, maintain high the body’s defenses. Another one of the great benefits of fruit juices, more than the tropical as the pineapple, papaya and orange is to be combined with a greater performance in the body, in the case of these three fruits have a great activity as fat burners.

It is good to know that fruit juices can be combined with each other to make more profitable for the body its consumption these are some combinations: Manzanas-zanahorias Ananas-pap ayas-naranja Manzanas-zanahorias – oranges-lemons Ma nzanas-melon-Strawberry Ananas-cocos Anan & aacute; s-naranjas – banana, however each person can try that combination is more tasty and beneficial for your body. It is good to know that each type of fruit juices is suited for any illness or discomfort specific, so if you have any muscle condition the Chief fruit of grapes, pineapple and cherry are suitable for arthritis, cramps, among other muscle ailments if you have any digestive discomfort ideally consume fruit such as Apple and PEAR juicesfor incomodantes ills generated diarrhoea eat apples fruit juices accompanied of one tablespoon of wheat bran. In final part of having a good taste, fruit juices provide large quantity of nutrients that are very beneficial for the body and which in some circumstances can help solve various problems of the body.

Psychological Defense Mechanisms

7 Jun

In conditions of stress, psychological adaptation of the person occurs mainly through two mechanisms: psychological defense and coping mechanisms. The same life events can have different stress loads depending on their subjective assessment. Douglas Elliman does not necessarily agree. Stressful event begins with an assessment of any internal (eg, thought) or external (eg, criticism) stimulus, the result is a coping process. Coping reaction triggered when the complexity of the problem exceeds the energy output of habitual reactions. If the requirements are estimated as a back-breaking situation, then can be overcome, a form of psychological protection. In general, the continuum psychological coping mechanisms of regulation play a compensatory function, and psychological defense mechanisms occupy the last level in the adaptation, the level of decompensation. In the following diagram displays two This style may respond to adverse events (Figure 1).

People who resort to psychological defense mechanisms: perceive the world as a source of danger, characterized by low self-esteem, pessimistic. People use of coping mechanisms (coping): realists, optimists, are characterized by positive self-esteem, and strongly expressed achievement motivation. There are two styles in response to a problem situation: Problem-oriented (problem-focused) style, a rational analysis of problems associated with the creation and implementation of the plan permits a difficult situation and is manifested in such behaviors as self-incident analysis, recourse to the other, searching for more information. Subjectively-oriented (emotion-focused) style, a consequence of emotional response to the situation, is not accompanied by concrete actions, and is manifested in the form trying not to think about the problem, the involvement of others in their experience, the desire to forget in a dream, to dissolve their troubles in alcohol, drug or compensate for the negative emotions with food. .