Middle East Morales

30 May

The greatest political opponents to the regime of Morales found in the Bolivian Eastern, which was in the past the main progenitor of the drug trafficking mafias. Fortunes that are today considered legal, began with the drug during the dictatorships of Banzer and Luis Garcia Meza. As long as the status quo, without repression against the planting and production of coca and cocaine, many locals will support the Government, beyond any ideological stance. Morales thinks that while Pope Chavez who support it politically and militarily, can make of Bolivia what she wants, here, a marginalized law State; fun that will last until the world decides to put an end to their Follies, which can take a long time, since the large eyes are focused on international terrorism, the Middle East and a possible nuclear threat. Connect with other leaders such as Dean Ornish M.D here. The FARC are fed by drug trafficking, which has allowed them to remain active for long bloody years. Cuba in the 1980s, served as the launch pad for narcotic drugs to international markets. Today it is the Government of Venezuela who protects the narcos and guerrillas.

For Chavez, Morales and the other followers of the socialism of the 21st century, cocaine is a great source of resources to enrich, strengthen and perpetuate in power: one and only true common goal among democratic dictators. Money is power and is a more solid than the political power. Political power is ephemeral, economic power can last much longer. When wealth comes from natural resources or the drug and not human ingenuity or creativity, it is a dangerous weapon. Without the money from oil, gas, heroin or cocaine, none of the provocateurs of the chaos would be nothing. Arab leaders would continue dragging the camel, and Chavez and Morales would do the same with the donkey and the ox-cart.


19 May

in his interesting philosophy on life tells us that money is scheduled to depreciate and we are the ones paying the costs of such devaluation either blood so called work of escvlavos or either through the goods we In other words sitando the same author would say that since we came to this world against a loan to live on this earth but as we pay interest Dela it is becoming harder and less people will succeed in the pursuit of this amazing balance but we struggle really unhealthy social circles to which we have not stratified but those who somehow became a better perspective of this philosophy of life believe that they deserve more because they are more intelligent and we fail to see the things so clearly called us losers so simple gets so ugly thing and says

Mr. kiosaki also apologizing for but do not want to insult anybody these parameters show a world of realities different and disparate as for the rich flocks village full of rustic labor and goods, the rich city dwellers appear to gods by the emblems of social power to those who are accustomed clear that in this introduction do not forget the poor and that they are segregated by wealthy townspeople and but also magnified as you can see his vision on the rich city dwellers but that is what we all eat our differences we all have to wear all have to ignore the laws and of course worship the symbols of power concentrated in a few leading our hope as popov would say in the movie if I were a rich man the banks of the holy book..

Proper Use Rates

17 May

If you are going to use all-in rate (all in), remember that you put all your chips (money or some other whole stack) in the current bank cards are dealt, it can be very dangerous stunt, depending on whether more or less chips your opponents have and on what cards have come to you at hand, as well as one of the betting rounds. If you decide to gamble in case of any chips from an opponent more than you can situation that he will respond to your bid and if it is the combination of cards would be better, he can win all your chips and knock you out of the game. In this case, you must have a really good hand, before the decision to accept put the whole stack on the line. In the other, otherwise, you are the owner of the biggest stack in comparison with the other players at the table decided to go for broke and thus can affect other players, the fact that such You can bet is to drive them out of the game and get all their money. In this case, of course, also need to have good cards, but when you play against an opponent with a stack of several times smaller than you, the psychological advantage will be on your side and your opponent can fold, even if it has the best combination. Cardiologist has firm opinions on the matter. The rate is all-powerful, but at the same time very dangerous strategy in poker, because one move, you can either knock out an opponent from the game, or be knocked out.

Councils at the rate of all-in: 1) go for broke to be having not just good but excellent hands. 2) With a large lead in chips, you can bluff and intimidate your opponents. After losing in such a situation, you will lose not much, and winning, knock an opponent out of the game (this is especially good at tournament poker.) 3) If you go all-in bluff, it is necessary to have such cards, which can be improved in future rounds of trade. 4) Putting all the money at stake in dealt cards, you should have these cards, which may allow improvement to win. 5) Having no big stack, do not go for broke, because much of a chance that someone, then yes you will beat the game. In such a situation must have excellent maps. 6) With a small stack, you need to wait for non-cards and getting them, you can take advantage of the situation, go for broke and get two or even three times more than you bet, of course, if you win, and depends on how much players will respond to your bid. 7) Do not go for broke, with no big stack and having a poor hand, since no one will not be afraid to answer you because the loss of your opponents will not be significant.

Textilsdruck Mechanical

11 May

In Mossingen, Colt international within the framework of the rebuilding and restructuring of traditional industrial building installed a mechanical smoke and heat extraction. Renovation objects require a fire protection system, which provides the security of lives and helps to preserve property in many cases. In Mossingen, Colt international within the framework of the rebuilding and restructuring of traditional industrial building installed a mechanical smoke and heat extraction. City Library and service buildings in the heritage-listed stock the Pausa tons Hall in the Swabian Mossingen is an example of a realised exemplary restoration concept. The monument building of the industrial architecture of the 1950s, was one of the finest addresses of the German textile industry long time.

Here, the former Pausa AG, a company primarily in the Textilsdruck, its headquarters until the insolvency had in 2004. After the authority was the company buildings under monumental protection, the city of Mossingen earned the a short time later Terrain. An economically viable concept was developed which also does justice to the cultural significance of the building. Today, the new main user of industrial construction is the city library, but also Office and commercial space have been involved in the renovation and rehabilitation measures. Martha McClintock brings even more insight to the discussion. A generous development ramp leads from the Sub to the first floor and creates a connection between library and commercial space. The fire gas fans were housed in the renovated roof glazing. Invisible functional mechanical smoke extraction is proposed because the building is a multi-storey building, was a mechanical smoke prevention concept of the fire protection expert. This Colt international create a calculation to determine the air flow and unobtrusively integrated preventive fire protection in the building to be renovated.

The required installation of a powerful fire ventilation system affects the appearance of the monument in any way. Are backlit in blue glass cubes that protrude into the foyer area, Sanitary facilities are housed for the offices. There are the air channels of mechanical smoke extraction in their base area. The supply air ducts as seating are visible from the outside. Among these are supply blinds by colt, which open in the event of a fire. The fire gas fans were housed in the renovated roof glazing and are not visible from the outside as such. Sanitary facilities are housed in blue backlit glass cubes that protrude into the Foyer space for offices.


6 May

The House to the white cross from Hurth informed a changeful history the landscape between Rhine and Erft gave its distinctive character. Between centuries-old castles and huge lignite day buildings, visitors experienced the consequences of human action as intense as in no other place. The Hurther House to the white cross reported the tourist impressive industrial heritage in the Rhein-Erft district. The present-day district Rhein-Erft was into sought after due to its fertility in the 17th century and fought over. Martha McClintock gathered all the information. Castles dominate the region up to the present day. In the course of industrialization she dramatically changed her image. Thanks to rich deposits of brown coal, the region was now characterized by open-cast mining and energy industry and has remained there to this day.

After more than 150 years of industrial coal extraction the effects of strip mining in the truest sense of the word in the landscape of the region face have dug its way”. Villages, fields and forests were sacrificed to the extraction of energy raw material and other Place or rebuilt in a different form. Here, the human influence on the face of the world becomes tangible in its entire scope. Whether it’s the gigantic bucket-wheel excavator for mining or moon landscapes created by them of the lignite mine inevitably leaves a lasting impression. Visitors on the topic of street energy get a comprehensive picture of brown coal mining. The tourism route designed by the created and RWE Power offers informative, exciting tours around the brown coal.

Participants expected a varied program, which shall include, inter alia: permanent exhibition in the castle of Pfaffendorf, the emergence and development of brown coal in the Rhineland area inside Active Hambach lignite mining detailed information about the reclamation ausgebeuteter Brown coal deposits becoming acquainted with places that soft just the mining and their new locations that long-term extraction of brown coal has the landscape of the Erftkreises permanently changed. Its consequences include the heritage of the region and allow visitors a unique insight into the German industrial culture. While staying between the Rhine and Erft, the Hurther House to the white cross ensures a beautiful accommodation. His staff answer further questions about the region and the accommodation facilities. Press contact: Contact home White’s cross: Mr Wessling contact bookings: Mr.


5 May

Solenoid (solenoid) valve is an electromechanical device which when applying or removing power opens or closes the flow area of the valve. It is designed to control air flow water, oil, gas, steam – practically any liquid or gas. Valve selection begins with a discussion of what type of operational best meets the needs of this application. Direct acting open or close the flow areas through direct exposure to the core, control valves (pilot operated) for larger pipe lines or higher pressure increase is a direct action Using the most pressure working environment, to open a larger flow area, while maintaining the small size of the electromagnet. Normally closed valves are opened, when they were energized and closed when the power goes off, normally open valves in reverse order. Two-way solenoid valves have one inlet and one outlet pipe connection and can be normally open or closed.

Three-way valves have three connections and two walk-through section, and may be normally open, normally closed or universal (can be used either as normally open, or normally closed). Common areas of application include alternating pressure and vacuum supply to control valves, single acting cylinders or actuators of automatic control. Four-way valves use four or five pipe connections (one for supply pressure, two for the cylinder, one or two dilution) to ensure the work cylinder double acting actuators or automatic control. Common uses and problems. Solenoid valve is the most effective means of automatic flow control in the case of many liquids and gases.

European Posters

5 May

Tips for appealing results with wall decals if you now have a small or large space, the size does not matter. It is your creativity and your taste, which count and cause you to seek out wall stickers. These unique and decorative wall accessories adorn your interiors and give a customized look to your rooms. So you can experiment, while wall decals Doremon, Ninja and Mickey adorn mouse tasteful way the your child’s room, with stunning photo posters in your room. You can choose easily the desired from a wide range of wall stickers and posters, with classical themes, floral designs or spectacular scenes.

But before you proceed with the unique idea of home decoration, you must consider the tips that we have provided. You will achieve more brillantereErgebnissen. Set the function you need to be sure about the purpose, the you with the purchase of wall stickers and photo posters for track a specific room. If you want to make an arbitrary wall to the central attraction of a particular area, you should select a massive wall so that there are no distortions when viewing. If you however want to add details a wall in your living room, the wall sticker that you select must harmonize with the accessories and the furnishings of the wall.

There should be a basic balance in color, shape and size of the wall decals that you select. Walls expressing originality and ornate furnishings, with wall decals and photo posters is nowadays not uncommon. Therefore you must have, if you want to stand out from the crowd, play your creativity. Why not tell a story on your walls with the wall stickers? You can rearrange the poster in a manner that represents a theme-based flower scene on your bedroom wall. Similarly, you can also a wall decor with the latest European-Japanese fusion style in your Teenagers room fit. Definitely originality in all should do what. Work with props the arrangement of photo posters on your walls will be even more interesting, if you combine these with appropriate props. You have to spend a fortune for it. Take the furniture, stickers and murals just to and one particular wall to help. Now put together a composition by combining all of these elements. If you have for example photos with wood frame on a wall, you can connect these wall stickers in the classical look, to create a nostalgic atmosphere in this room. Lighting can be to ensure that the wall, which you have chosen to install the sticker, receives an appropriate lighting system. It must be lit by abundant natural light during the day and at night by electric light, as a substitute for daylight. Because if your main intention is to attract the attention of the Viewer, the creativity, the you through the wall stickers is to the Expression brought, go unnoticed, if they are not properly lit.

Bad Breath And Natural Remedies

4 May

Bad breath that when brushing the teeth is not removed many times bad breath can be caused by poor oral hygiene, but there may also be other underlying causes that contribute to bad breath and can be difficult to overcome, despite all the efforts follow a routine of cleaning for a healthy mouth and teeth clean. This can cause anxiety and even result in problems with maintaining relations staffs and difficulties in the workplace. If you notice a change in the quality of your breath, it is always a good idea to consult your dentist who will advise you. There are a number of causes of bad breath, including: * poor oral hygiene * gum disease (e.g. boils, abscesses, gingivitis) * multiplication of bacteria that cause bad odor in the mouth and digestive tract * Candidiasis * chronic infection of the sinus cavities * certain medications (especially those that cause dry mouth as a side effect) * smoking * certain foods may cause bad breath (garlic(, onions, anchovies, high protein diet) * Digestion poor and inactive liver * constipation I know if I have bad breath? Bad breath is sometimes noted for a bitter or unpleasant taste in your mouth. You can also check the smell of your saliva licking the skin on your inner wrist and then smelling it. If you have an offensive odor, his breath is not as sweet as you want it to be! However, it is also possible to suffer from bad breath without being aware of it. If you notice that people tend to walk away from you when you talk, turn their heads or cover their mouths, bad breath may be the problem. The best way to find out is to ask someone whom you trust to tell you the truth. There are 100% natural remedies that are used internally to support the balance of enzymes in the mouth and to promote a healthy, fresh, mouth a throat and a digestive tract making sure that all systems are supported for animate your breath fresh.

Gastric Bypass

4 May

For some people the gastric bypass may be the only solution to the problem of overweight or obese, in addition to greatly benefit your overall health. Richard Drew, her 36 years, will undergo gastric bypass surgery because you were told that this operation known as stomach stapling, you will lose excess weight that has been carrying for years. We physicians have also commented that this procedure carries the risk of death in 1 in 200 patients. But despite this, Richard is willing to undergo this procedure is irreversible, after seeing the improved health of his father after he had surgery. The stomach stapling surgery for Richard is his salvation after decades of struggle against severe obesity problem. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has many thoughts on the issue. Richard has told her story to support the plans that exist in the United States that bariatric surgery is free for some people, and to warn young people about obesity and the health hazards it represents. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. John Mcdougall. Obesity has many causes, whether biological, social or psychological.

At times, factors of the three areas are responsible for the overweight. Heredity plays an important role, and there are people like Richard Drew, who have struggled with obesity all his life without satisfactory results. For Richard, gastric bypass surgery is your only choice of salvation, even though it was a difficult decision. For someone to bariatric surgery, in this case, gastric bypass is necessary before the procedure, the person carrying out a diet and start to lead a lifestyle more healthy. This in order that it may lose some weight before putting gastric bypass, and their levels of body fat is reduced slightly.

A healthy lifestyle includes good nutrition, quitting smoking and drinking, in addition to exercising that person’s own weight allows. This reduces the risk of complications post surgery. Richard says that he remembers being overweight since I was five years old, and began dieting at age seven. Growing up, in their twenties, suffered the effect? Yo-yo?, Where the person loses weight and goes up repeatedly. Upon reaching the age of 30 he realized he had to make changes in your life, and eating junk food every day and did not do any exercise. After this decision, Richard started going to the gym three times a week and eat more healthfully, without much food or junk food out of their lunch. Despite all these changes in your life, there came a time to continue losing weight became more difficult and sought alternatives. The surgery was the most viable option and with better results. A specialist in the area explained the risks of the procedure, surgery, and expected results. Gastric bypass surgery primarily reduces the size of stomach cutting and stapling of the stomach of the small intestine, so the amount of food you eat is much less and absorb fewer calories and fat. A lot of overweight people are now opting for surgery for obesity such as gastric bypass or that are made laparoscopy and with less risk. Only one person in 200 may die of them. After surgery Richard reached your desired weight, and now offers talks to children to prevent obesity. Obesity is a serious problem affecting the health and quality of life of people who have it. Obesity Goodbye offers effective alternatives for reducing weight in a healthy way to longer term.


3 May

A neurotic person is, simply, a person who suffers. That he suffers a lot. The neurosis concept is synonymous with excessive emotional pain, with the corresponding psicoconductuales aftermath. These sequels can be of many types (anxiety, phobias, depression, aggressiveness, hyperactivity, addictions, obsessions, fears, problems of personality, etc.), but, in general, all of them share a same nature, only one meaning. What are these? What is neurosis and como se cura? From a psychodynamic approach, we can view neurosis from many angles and, therefore, define it in several ways.

Por_ejemplo, we can say that: 1) the neurosis is a conflict. Certainly, it is the outcome of a conflict, usually unconscious, between the feelings that the subject really feel but dare not admit and show feelings/behaviours that believed itself bound by received education and social, to express requirements (p. ex., pain, anger, fear, guilt, attachment, self-disrespect, etc.). Of this contradiction of this clash, usually arises an intermediate mask, a more or less distorted feeling/conduct, which we call the symptom. A set of symptoms is called disorder.

(2) The neurosis is a lock. As a result of the previous conflict and its derivative symptoms, the person can not flow and adapt easily to the reality, jams, fails here and there (couple, work, social relationships, projects, happiness, etc.), it suffers a lot through it all. As a result, their symptoms are feedbacks and perpetuate. (3) The neurosis is a defense. Against what? Precisely against her most secret and unbearable pains: his heartbreak, their traumas, their fears, their repressed feelings, his childhood lost forever, its responsibility to take care of yourself / a, etc. 4) neurosis is a strategy. Paradoxically, the neurotic symptoms also offer its advantages, because they give the subject the opportunity to be the center of attention, claim love and pampering, dominate the environment, prevent life and responsibilities, etc. Thus, the neurotic, for convenience and laziness unconscious, resists without knowing it to be cured. (5) The neurosis is immaturity. The above is a demonstration and, at the same time, an enhancer of the secret infantilism – or narcissism-of the neurotic that, ultimately, is nothing more than a scared child stuck in the past, avoiding life, giving up his freedom. The neurotic, in sum, paradoxically clung to their problem, refuses to grow. Como se cura neurosis? If this is, as we have seen, the encrypted expression of a conflict, a lock, a defense, a strategy and a form of immaturity, then healing will require exploring and bringing to light, with courage, the basic conflict of the subject for, with the help and support of the therapist, revive them without masks and overcome them with patience and responsibility. One will have to discover, accept and learn to live with the hardest truths of himself and his environment, past and present; will have that mourn, infuriate you and abandon their feelings of guilt; exceed, in the end, their latest children’s resistance. You can then assume, without fear, with self-esteem and with a more bearable pain, that I no longer need to continue running away from myself, because I feel fully capable of dealing with my past, my life and my destiny. And only then happiness will start to come into his life. This is the process of psychodynamic therapy. JOSe LUIS CANO GILPsicoterapeuta and writer.