Fishing Hunting Hiking

1 May

Summer, I must say uzhu in full swing, which means that not only aggravated sexual relationships, but also the hunting instincts. No, no, now it goes about the shooting, but a more subtle way of killing free time, called fishing – hunting. Why? Spawning was, therefore, it's time to do! Today we will speak about the incredibly resourceful, talented in many ways and, of course, delicious freshwater inhabitant. This, of course, carp … Carp fishing in circles and spheres is very worthy opponent, because by nature has an incredible flair, high intelligence and delightful persistence. On top of that this fall for a handsome Throughout the spring and summer-autumn season. It automatically makes it a desirable trophy for the frying pan.

However, before considering how to prepare carp, he should catch. Jimmy John Liautaud has firm opinions on the matter. Execution of tactical tasks to carp fishing rod is fine mid-size 5-6 m, equipped with a coil diameter of 0.15-0.2 mm lesoy. The more serious of the forest can not give you the pleasure of carp from vyvazhivanii enough clear water (although some cases, a thicker fishing line helps to cope with a solid instance). And careful Karasin bite better seen in thinner the line. Clear recommendations about the size of the hooks do not, but I personally more on soul 5-7. It is better to take the hooks with extended forearm and a sharp, but not hooked into a sting. Fundamental difference between dark or light hook there, though some anglers are deeply convinced that the crucian shuns bright hook.

Sochi Agursky Waterfalls

12 Apr

Agursky waterfalls – one of the most beautiful waterfalls Khosta district of Sochi. The path to the falls is Agurskiy the gorge along the river Agoura. The trail, carved into the rocks at the Sochi 1911 mountain club members, runs on edge of the gorge and is fenced with metal handrails. Agoura River originates on the southern slopes of Alec and, rushing to the sea, creating waterfalls on its way. On the way to the waterfalls Agurskiy is the so-called Devil's swimming (font) and a small cave with the same name. In the dark ravine, among boulders and rock cliffs, roaring river Agoura and come to the surface sulfur springs with a sharp odor of hydrogen sulfide. The most famous, the first waterfall formed by two stages: the upper – at 18 feet and lower – at 12 meters.

The jets of water falling at an angle to each other, and it seems a broken waterfall in the middle. under the waterfall there is a broad and deep body of water, reminiscent of a swimming pool with the blue water. Front of a waterfall across the river is spanned bridge metal. At the bottom of the gorge piled up huge blocks of limestone. After 500 meters the trail upstream Agura there is a second waterfall, and more above – the third. Second Agurskiy Falls – multi-jet, the water flow drops to a low altitude in the pool with a depth of 5 meters. On the left bank near the falls are small caves. The third waterfall crashes down with a roar down high flow, like a huge shower.

Stone ponds at the foot of rapids, cascades and water is poured from one to another. Agura gorge at any time, the only beautiful: it is very green. This is a mixed forest Colchian type, full of relics of the Tertiary period. Impassable thicket creates a multilayered vegetation with evergreen understory vines and lots of binding the tree. Impassable thickets especially sassaparili, deciduous climbing shrub. Very strong, flexible stems of the plants are dotted with sharp, rigid spines, tenaciously retaining fallen into the arms of their rights. Have a nice holiday resort city of Sochi is waiting for you!