14 May

The measures taken by these two companies are alternative to lately the too habitual ERE s, since not only they are voluntary at least, theoretically, but they give to the employee expectations certain to continue in future, within three years in Nissan, and between three and five years in BBVA. exists other possibilities within this new tendency of relaxation of the labor relation. As Lawyers comment from the office of Sagardoy, an option is the one of to distribute a job for two people, who would happen to work average day with a reduction of proportional pay and the commitment to return to the original situation in three or four years. This feasible in is determined jobs for example, office staff, call-centers a less habitual, but usable option in these times of crisis, would be the one to agree to between company and worker permissions nonrepaid, so that, for example, the employee takes a pair of months of vacations at the cost of their wage. he issue. Perhaps it is not a too good alternative for the worker (in this time of crisis, more than ever, all the money counts), but is the option that are so that the company can be heaving the weather, perhaps some workers they accept. They can take advantage of that period to form, or even to look for another use. Countries like Germany, whose rate of unemployment has remained quite stable in spite of the crisis, the slope of pays has become a quite common practice with reduction of working hours in exchange for conserving the use. In any case, all these measures either other that can be taken would have to put in practice analyzing also another options, since not always it must be the worker the one that pays broken plates, especially when in many cases the percentage of labor costs on the total is very small. For example, if we suppose that the labor costs are 5% of the total costs, a slope of 20% in the pays would only save a 1% of the total cost. In addition, he must see itself generally, within a set of directed measures to secure the viability of the company, a simple cut of wages must have something more, and the workers must know which is the plan of the company, not to feel demotivated, but quite the opposite.