Can Choose Which Brush? Virtues Of A Good Brushing

13 Jun

Can choose which brush? Virtues of a good brushing a common question in in my practice of dentistry in Madrid is: Dr.-What are you electric brush?.-Well, while innumerable studies and forums bless it as useful, practical and effective, my personal opinion is that not. The majority of patients who commonly used present serious deficiencies in hygiene with massive accumulations of interdentaria plaque and gingivitis in varying degrees (which if it worsens can lead to pyorrhea (dental Periodontics). This at least is what I see, because actually there are trials that show otherwise, but my personal observations not advise except in some special cases. The thing makes sense, because the secret of good hygiene depends on the penetration of the filaments of the brush in the spaces between the teeth, so that a rotary brushing at great speed hardly can penetrate deep between teeth.

That if the accessible, front surfaces of teeth, the easy, polishes them very well, but that does not it not only has merit, but it may cause abrasion. A correct tooth brushing is quite difficult but is necessary for a proper oral health: virtues of a good brushing 1st will not form Tartar 2nd will have healthy gums (Apple and not bleeding) 3rd fluorine will have their teeth and will have less sensitivity to cold and sweets (and therefore less decay) 4th will have a seductive breath (avoid a very nasty bad breath) 5th will have some teeth more durable 6 th will have some teeth more whites and beautiful 7th will invest less money at the dentist (dental implants, pain of gums etc.) 8 th will give good example to their children, grandchildren and other family 9 th will improve their self-esteem, before on the 10th floor will have less bacteria in your mouth on the lookout for multiple local and General diseases (nobody likes losing teeth and being forced to resort to an intervention of dental implantology) there are also taken into account the sins capitals of brushing, much more common than we think and that are: 1.-brushing: rarely, or obsessive and many times 2.-stiff brush 3-old brushes with bent bristles and poor state of conservation. 4 -Pastes not homologue, without fluoride (or common use of bicarbonate or other substances) 5.-brushed very fast 6-brushed stereotyped (traumatic, noisy, horizontal and convulsive movements for gums and teeth) 7.-brushed messed up (with systematic neglect of the same teeth) 8.-soft, soft, non-penetrating and ineffective brushing 9.-accidental bleeding that makes that is the next time a brushing as the point is carried out 8 10-brushed only the crowns of the teeth forgetting the Groove of the gingiva on the tooth root. Occurs in people with very long by more or less important retracts the teeth and toothache. Source: Press release sent by drprieto.