Attractive Matching Colors

2 Jan

Every woman has probably noticed before, that they are more attractive peers on certain days of the mirror and more important for their fellow man. The garment, which she now claims that it seems to be particularly well. But it is not the sophisticated cut, but in the right color, which affects the skin fresher and healthier. Personality and charisma are therefore particularly good effect. Theory of (Color) Harmony The Swiss painter and art teacher, Prof. Johannes Itten (1888-1967) has been established by the 20-cent years of the last century, the Color analysis, in which he examined the effect of colors in different surroundings. What colors harmonize with each other depends, according to Itten of simultaneous contrast. If you look longer rest on a colored surface, while the corresponding complementary color arises: When “red” occurs, for example, “green”. This discovery has an important significance for the color effect of the clothing, because the skin color of people either a blue or goldTone. In conjunction with a variety of colors, the face looks so clothes are fresh and attractive, or tired and unattractive. Carries loud Farbanalytikerin Gisela Zakrzewski (according to Itten’s theory) about a man whose skin tone shimmering blue, an orange top, is formed on his face a bluish Simultaneous that will distinguish him look tired, pimples and wrinkles to emphasize. The same is true for a person with a golden-yellow skin undertone that dares to wear a garment in cool purple too. A yellow Simultaneous arises and the natural look is lost. The different types: spring, summer, autumn and winter, the overall harmony of color between face, hair, eyes and clothing will decide on the appearance of the person appearing huge. Professor Itten says that there is in human skin color, only two variants: Kalttonig or warm tone. Among the two skin tones Itten also differ in the intensity of hue. Thus arose four color types, according to theSeasons have been appointed. The Frhlingstyp about is a bright guy with a warm skin tone and hair color to red with golden hues and mostly blue, gray-green or golden-brown eyes. He is assisted by the colors of aqua, lime green, camel brown, salmon, apricot cream, beige, turquoise, and gold hummerrot very good. The summer type is pale with a cool skin tone and hair, reflexes, and ashy gray or light blue, hazel or blue-green eyes. Flatter the colors sky blue, lilac, jean blue, mint green, silver gray, lavender, raspberry red and silver. The Herbsttyp turn, is a rustic guy with a warm skin tone and red-brown, red or brown hair tinged with red and usually dark brown or green eyes. He wears the most warm, earthy autumn colors such as beige, aubergine, golden yellow, petrol, copper orange, rust red, forest green and brown nougat. Finally, the winter type is a contrasting type with cool skin tone, dark, ashen hair and hazel-brown or black, green or gray-blue eyes. It shouldbest in cool, bright colors like white, black, pink, bottle green, lemon yellow, gentian blue, blue, purple, ruby red or silver dress. Conclusion There is every color in the warmer and cooler versions – except orange. So do not believe it has universal validity: “To me the best is yellow!” There a type depending on the cold, “Lemon Yellow” dress differently than the warm “sun yellow”. Detailed color charts can be made and women ergoogeln Incidentally simply on the Internet.