How To Get And Build A Free Website And Optimization

15 Aug

The Internet is growing exponentially for all entrepreneurs. Despite all the competition, you just need a little more than a simple website to generate income. To build a prosperous and profitable web site, you will need to refine a few ingredients. The free web hosting services are just that free, usually supported by advertising revenue to pay administrative expenses and equipment. Usually hosting providers offer free subdomain ( or directory (.) In contrast, paid web hosting offers a second level domain with hosting. Many providers allow you to use a domain free purchased separately. Rarely, operates as a free hosting domain registrar. Features and limitations.

Only some offer free hosting basic package for free, although many who specialize in this generates revenue from advertising campaigns Extensive customer pages. The packages are usually more options available for a fee. This allows users try the service for a time determined by the service provider, to further improve the package when needed. Free hosting may have the following restrictions: Limit file size Limit of transfer per month compared with the packages of payment disable hotlinks Restrictions files with file type (eg MP3, MPEG, ZIP, etc … .) Do not guarantee the service Do not custom URLs are allowed as “must be” or ” Do not allow pornographic, racist or offensive. Do not allow users to sell advertising space to third parties. Some free web hosts have extra features as: Web-based Control Panel E-mail for the domain or subdomain hosted Access via FTP Scripts PHP, ASP, Perl, etc. Create relational databases like MySQL processes Program, also known as CRON jobs to visit Books Resources Forums and Communities Reward system that gives extra products and services Unlimited monthly transfer space and not just another web hosting provider After testing several services that stood out was more networks.

That just two years on the market has emerged with great choices for customers. Learn more about this with Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. The registration process was really quick and easy, it only takes about 3-4 minutes to complete the data to start building your website. What it offers for free accounts are: 100 Megabytes of web space * 2 gigabytes of monthly transfer * * Support for PHP5 2 MySQL Databases PHPMyAdmin Up the parking external domains of 5 1 monthly CRON job * Support FTP Access 24 / 7 technical English and Spanish Statistics Service Reliability 99.9% * A variety of preinstalled applications such as Joomla, phpBB, Nucleus, Wiki, WordPress, Mambo, Xoops, ZenCart, Coppermine, osCommerce, Gallery, etc.. A domain. BIZ.VI Once you enter the system control panel appears with the options of File Manager, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, Manager Emails, CRON Manager, Support, Together. It took me three minutes to install my WordPress blog, I had a question for the creation of my database, but in 30 minutes I received a reply in Spanish. The loading speed is very good both for service to the FTP site, sensational works with Windows Content Publisher. The feature I liked most was the domain you get for free, with extension. BIZ.VI is easier to remember and share with the community. Besides you have the option to increase your storage space and monthly transfer depending on the views and content of the website. Addition is undoubtedly a clear choice for anyone wishing to start a web project or just make your personal website.