Treatment Ovarian Cysts

21 Mar

We know what are ovarian cysts? It is important to know that they are cysts of ovaries, many women have this disease and do not know even what are ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts are a benign formation characterized by a kind of balloon that is filled with liquid in its interior. Ovarian cysts may occur on the inside of your ovaries or on the surface. Each month during the ovulation process a follicle that contained an egg inside release to bring it to the fallopian tube so that it is fertilized, these follicles begin to grow around 18 mm and 25 mm approximately. Once the egg is released begins to decrease gradually until it disappears, but if it does not begin to disappear and it continues to increase its size becomes a cyst of ovary.

Now that we know that they are cysts of ovaries it is important that we look for treatments to be able to delete, because it is not nice to live with ovarian cysts. Many women with cysts on the ovaries go to the gynecologist in search of treatments to remove cysts ovarian and in most cases the doctor sends them contraceptives and/or other types of drugs that must be swallowed, but many women not that kind of treatments like them because they make them put on weight which is not pleasant for any woman, or simply the gynecologist tells them that they operate, but many women afraid they operated and more if they are thinking of pregnant or if they are pregnant. It is important to know that medical treatments are not the only alternative to remove ovarian cysts, there are home remedies for ovarian cysts which in some cases are much more effective that use medical treatments. My name is Carla Diaz, I have a page to help all women with his problem of cysts of ovaries and in the page may find information about home remedy for ovarian cysts. For more information visit.I also want them to recommend a book that helped me to elimianr cysts of ovaries in very little time, and not only to me but to many women around the world, you can verify this yourself, because if It has served many women, your not seras the exception. The book of which I speak is eliminate ovarian cysts. Original author and source of the article