Massage At Home Or In The Cabin

30 Jul

The majority of people know about the benefits of massage. Many of them feel the healing properties of this procedure, decide to make massage more often, even regularly. And then in front of such people raises a reasonable question: Does the massage therapist at home or visiting massage? To answer this question, let us think about it and discuss both points of view. Thus, a massage parlor. What are the advantages of the procedure of massage in a specially designated place? Of course, the most important advantage of the massage room is that it is – a massage. It is specially equipped for massage. It is convenient to everything, there is a special table, in this study all have a masseur on hand. Masseur, as any other specialist, accustomed to your workplace, and therefore will do its job efficiently.

Yes, and the patient coming for a massage in a special place, will feel some concentration and, accordingly, be adjusted on its reception very carefully. But, of course, have a massage in the massage room, there are a few drawbacks. And the first one – is its distance from your home. Agree, is not often is that the therapist, to which you are accustomed (accustomed to the hands which your body) works in an office across the street. Chachto to popas a session has to go to the other end of town. Go to the bus, pushing. And if the court cold season, the pleasing effect of massage, to put it mildly, somewhat scattered, is not it? It would be simply amazing massage immediately after a cup of tea and relax in your favorite chair! Another small lack massage room, as banal as it sounds – it is the price. The price of massage in the office higher than the price of massage at home. And everything is explained very simply, because the masseur, but his salary, still need to pay the rent for , water, and so on. And while the massage room is not always convenient, we have to adapt. Now a bit about massage at home.

It is clear that your home is not a massage. It is not so convenient and rehabilitated to massage as a massage. While some massage therapists manage to carry a house on a massage table But on the other hand, massage at home is convenient first patient, and that’s, you see, is very important! The massage is conducted in convenient for the patient to time, at his home, where everything is convenient and comfortable for him. No need to go anywhere across the city. The problem with the job (massage table) is easily solved on the couch or just on the floor. In addition to massage therapist, working at home, it is customary to work ‘in the field’, the lack of a massage table is not confused by a professional. Immediately after the session you can relax, feeling full all the healing properties of the procedure massage. Prices for a massage, of course, lower than a massage, because there is no rental charges for electricity, water and so on. So, what’s better, a massage parlor or a massage at home? In fact, it all depends on the particular person’s views for the benefit of massage, its habits and mood. If you are staying on the massage at home, happy to offer my services. On them you can read on my web site in order massage.

Private Health Insurance

15 Jul

Two cheap option prices in the portrait of private health insurance is not the cheapest option for policyholders at a young age. In the long run, it offers some advantages over the legal but. An earlier entry secures retirement provisions and pays off by lower contributions. In addition, no risk premiums become due if the privately insured suddenly ill. The private insurance Portal reports the option rates for the young self-employed.

Compared to patients privately insured benefit from numerous advantages. So they spend significantly less time in the waiting room of the doctor’s offices, less long have to wait for an appointment and get faster prescribed new medication. Those who opt for private health insurance as a young self-employed, is well advised with the option prices. The later change to a better rate required then no reconsideration of health. In the context of the often precarious financial situation is a low Retention is crucial. Two recommended option rates are the Easyflexclinic of Barmenia, as well as the Medi start the Gothaer insurance.

Both contain the care insurance and guarantee from the 22 day of incapacity for work a 90 euro high sickness benefit. There is the Easyflexclinic rate for 326,32 EUR per month. An excess of 200 euros is payable in the year. The basic protection package is worth especially for travelers are often traveling abroad. Who also uses the additional module of easyflex clinic200 for themselves, benefits from a reimbursement of the glasses to 75 percent of all two years. The Medi start costs 344,99 Euro per month, with no annual deductible will be charged. While for psychotherapeutic and healing practical treatments is paid for with 75 percent. More information:…/ pkv lexicon optionstarife /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH