Private Health Insurance

15 Jul

Two cheap option prices in the portrait of private health insurance is not the cheapest option for policyholders at a young age. In the long run, it offers some advantages over the legal but. An earlier entry secures retirement provisions and pays off by lower contributions. In addition, no risk premiums become due if the privately insured suddenly ill. The private insurance Portal reports the option rates for the young self-employed.

Compared to patients privately insured benefit from numerous advantages. So they spend significantly less time in the waiting room of the doctor’s offices, less long have to wait for an appointment and get faster prescribed new medication. Those who opt for private health insurance as a young self-employed, is well advised with the option prices. The later change to a better rate required then no reconsideration of health. In the context of the often precarious financial situation is a low Retention is crucial. Two recommended option rates are the Easyflexclinic of Barmenia, as well as the Medi start the Gothaer insurance.

Both contain the care insurance and guarantee from the 22 day of incapacity for work a 90 euro high sickness benefit. There is the Easyflexclinic rate for 326,32 EUR per month. An excess of 200 euros is payable in the year. The basic protection package is worth especially for travelers are often traveling abroad. Who also uses the additional module of easyflex clinic200 for themselves, benefits from a reimbursement of the glasses to 75 percent of all two years. The Medi start costs 344,99 Euro per month, with no annual deductible will be charged. While for psychotherapeutic and healing practical treatments is paid for with 75 percent. More information:…/ pkv lexicon optionstarife /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH