Federal Government

24 Sep

The substantive focus of the intensive seminar at the maximum 20-25 persons may participate, is located but on the CHP performance segment from 20 kW to 500 kW. Since the daily practical experience from everyday planning as well as the numerous requests at the CHP information centre of Rastatt are incorporated in the seminar content, the work of the seminar content never goes out the two speakers. Also, the Federal Government through constant changes to the laws allows for numerous necessary updates. For the event in December, the speakers expect therefore the need to revise the chapter about the CHP law. Contact CHP-consult wife Lesley McBain Rauen based Road 22/1 76437 Rastatt phone: 0049 7222 158912 fax: 0049 7222 158913 eMail: website: Twitter: twitter.com/bhkwinfozentrum CHP-consult (www.bhkw-consult.de) is a consulting company founded in 2003, specializes in the planning and consulting in the field of CHP.

Currently 3 engineers / engineers are nationwide active in the planning of CHP plants from a module capacity of 50 kW to 500 kW. The phases 1-9 of the HOAI covered completely. The consultations and tenders are VOB compliant and vendor-independent. Also, market and technology studies are created with other engineering interns and graduates in the CHP area. Since 2003 conferences and seminars on energy issues, as well as the topic offered CHP and CHP.

Where is the practice of annually about 30 nationwide held meetings in the focus. The number of participants vary from 10-25 people at 40-200 people at conferences and seminars. A total of three employees are responsible for the implementation of the CHP conferences and seminars.

German TV

14 Sep

The first HD + balance we have now also black on white: HD + closes a gap in the German TV market.” HD + allows new program experiences not only the spectators. The launch of the HD offer for German free-TV broadcaster has triggered also powerful impetus in the appliance industry, and in the TV commercial. Total 827,000 receivers including HD + smart card were sold since the launch of the offer on November 1, 2009. HD + is via HD + receiver, CI plus CI module for HD + to receive. Over 7,500 dealers Meanwhile ensure that HD + extensively marketed receivers in all Germany. In addition to large land markets, purchasing cooperatives, online stores and many small retailers meanwhile also several discount markets under its own brands offer appropriate receiving devices. According to Jimmy John’s Owner, who has experience with these questions. To March 31, 2011, there were 57 HD + receiver models from 27 manufacturers.

Another variant extends the range of HD + reception possibilities In the summer. Then, sky satellite customers also can experience offer in brilliant quality the HD + with its Sky HD receiver. Sky customers need no additional device or a new smart card. HD + is unlocked quite simply on the existing sky smartcard up to twelve months for free. Thus the number of HD + will increase households in one fell swoop to several hundred thousand. From the outset, the offer of HD + is deliberately simple and customer-friendly.

When buying a HD + receiver HD + is in the first 12 months free of charge. After the end of the first year, a technical service fee will be charged by 50 euros per year. In contrast to the known subscription models, which can be terminated by cancellation, HD + expires automatically after one year. Easy and convenient HD + can extend their map viewers.


3 Sep

With the new stand-alone station of the ARP can be directly and easily be copied now all stick series. For conferences, meetings and training courses, quantities must be reproduced very often from 20, 50 or 100 sticks. With the new copy station from ARP this works very simply, efficiently, and without that must be connected to a PC: the USB equipped with data insert to insert up to seven empty sticks and can already start the copy operation. Even memory cards such as SD, SDHC, can also with appropriate USB adapters CF and other formats are copied. In a single pass, seven storage devices can be simultaneously described this way. The data throughput is up to 10 MB / s, depending on the final storage.

All settings can be made using the four menu buttons. During the copying process, all information on the display are shown. It supports all popular formats and file systems. The ARP provides the USB copy station incl. Power cord and guidance (art.) No. 859782) ab for EUR 859.–.

The ARP performs a large number of drives and memory cards in the range. Also USB sticks with company-specific print and in individual formats and packaging are also available.