AXE Symptoms

29 May

Distinguishing diagnosis mental and organic and patient Riots with the symptoms that if adqem to the esquizofrnicos, that arrive at it I medicate with history of previous episodes of positive symptoms, dficits if they fit without doubts in the picture of esquizofrnicos. the cases of first psychotic episode initiate recent and necessary to exclude possible organic causes underlying to the esquizofrnicos symptoms (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). The distinguishing diagnosis is task of the psychiatrist, includes an interview detailed and psychiatric examination. The occurrence of at least two symptoms as deliriums, hallucinations, speaks disorganized, negative symptoms or behavior modified during one month, continuing in elapsing of six messes characterizes schizophrenia (FIGUEIREDO, VIANA and AXE 2009). According to Figueiredo, Viana and Machado (P.

404, 2009) ‘ ‘ They use examinations as eletroencefalograma (EEC), magnetic resonance (RM) or computerized cat scan (TC), that they demonstrate the cerebral structure and they assist in diagnstico’ ‘. Diagnosis of Nursing the diagnosis of nursing and great importance in I foretell and treatment to it of the patient with schizophrenia.


8 Feb

Dr. Barreto Luiz Fisioterapeuta and Fisiologista of the Exercise 01/10/2011 River-RIO DE JANEIRO enceflico vascular Accident, infarto of the myocardium, diabetes, enfisema pulmonary, renal insufficience It will be that still it lacks much time? The people eat of everything, drink, they smoke and they do not practise physical exercises for believing to have still much time to enjoy the pleasures of the life or if to feel exempt of these ackward surprises. They still believe to be young, strong, until powerful and some that already are entering in the band of the aging believe to have certain protection and to be able everything. The body many times clama for a time and is not heard. It suffers, it feels, it receives a tea, a tablet without medical orientation and the reply of that is temporary. Although all the available information on health and quality of life, still persist an ignorance each more increasing time. The ignorance biggest of that it says eastern psychology according to Tokuda, 1997.

Attempted against each time more devastadores are taxes to the body and the soul. All the forms of physical, psychic, mental violence and spiritual that become the creature human being prisoner, making it precociously to perish attack for one of these illnesses. Those that obtain to survive, search the whitewashing desesperadamente, the times a little late, in the yearning to be cured. Many are unaware of that the majority of the sequels cannot total be cured or they only can be minimized. These illnesses when they do not lead to the death, can leave marks as temporary or definitive the disability that cause suffering for the patient and its familiar ones. It is in the hour to prevent because it can not have more time and to attenuate well more is complicated. According to Passebecq, 1982, the health human being can be assured, be protected and restored for simple ways and little custosos, most of the time.

Code Treatment

18 May

Not only for administrative and clinical ends, the surgeon-dentist must register all the pertinent acts to its relationship with the patient, but, also, to supply subsidies its defense in possible demands judicial. With the creation of Law N. 8078, 11/09/1990 (Code of the Consumer) and for the access to the information each time more facilitated, the people are clienter of its rights as consuming, being this reality observed in the relationships Surgeon-Dentist (Supplying) and Patient (Consuming). In this relation, the Code of the Consumer foresees the possibility to attribute the responsibility of the test to the supplier, in this in case that to the professional, whenever necessary (art. 6., VIII of the CDC).

From there, the importance of Surgeon-Dentist to carefully elaborate and to keep to the documentation of all the pertinent steps to the treatment, duly warned to see its defense in judgment engaged. Since the first contact with the patient, when made anamnese and delineated the treatment to be carried through, surgeon-dentist must describe the clinical conditions of the patient, as well as, all the acts that compose the treatment, with respective risks, honorary, mode of payment, beyond a forecast for the conclusion of the service; everything duly signed by both the parts. He must clarify the responsibilities of one and another one in the course of the treatment and, in such a way, elaborate the contract of rendering of services, clinical fiche, examinations, x-rays, everything what he understands the odontolgica documentation that is the most valuable instrument of defense that the professional has to defend itself in administrative legal actions and. The responsibility is an obligation to assume the legal consequncias of a fact. In the Civil liability, the agent who committed a tort, is obliged to repair the damage (art. 927 of the Civil Code). If the professional to infringe the norms and protocols of biossegurana, for example, and of this, to result a damage to the patient, the example of the crossed infection, could be made responsible for this odontolgico error, with the consequent obligation to indemnify the injured one.

Psychiatric Association

21 Apr

On the other hand, only minority of the cases presents neurobiolgicas alterations, whose relation to the behaviors one does not meet evidenced (ALMEIDA; DRACTU; LARANJEIRA, 1996). It has affirmation of another author, who the autismo is really neurological pathology, being genetically acquired. However, this vision leaves of side the human psiquismo. Contradicting such question, absence of the psychic device, in order to cite simply that it would be a scope of the subjectivity, revealed pure and for the desire is affirmed. Soon, the autismo would be a paradigm of the psychic device, which is a narcisista organization of the emptiness. Being able to be clarified by libidinal, where the energy is extracted of the directed object and to the body, where it was originated (BERLINCK, 2000). The clinical situation of the patients with upheavals generally is complex and changeable, considering that the clinical signals of the syndromes depend on the seriousness of the pathology, of the age of the child, and if the same one presents or not different integrated mental patologias (SOUZA, GUIMARAES, BALLONE, 2004).

The majority of the researchers and physicians agrees that the symptoms of infantile autismo, generally, is initiated before the thirty months of age (AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, 1980; WORLD-WIDE ORGANIZAO; OF HEALTH, 1993). It is initiated before the 3 years of age, it does not attend a course with marcantes physical abnormalitys, it generates a qualitative comprometimento in the areas of social interaction, language and communication (always it has at least one atrazo in the aquizio of the verbal language) and creative capacity. The ratio between boys and affected girls is of 4:1. generally, they present normal neuropissicomotor development, with exception of the development of the language (SOUZA, GUIMARAES, BALLONE, P. XX, 2004). The precocious beginning is one of the main symptoms that differentiate the infantile autismo of the desintegrativo upheaval in infancy. In the syndrome of Heller, the clinical picture if after initiates a period of normal development of the child and, generally, it occurs until the three first years of life (MORAES, 2004) Indicating that the process of development of the child does not go well can to occur before the six months of age.

Pharmaceutical Assistance

26 Jun

This proposal, with the focus in the promotion of the quality of life and intervention in the risk factors the health, allows to the acurada identification and one better accompaniment of the diabetic and hipertensos individuals. This accompaniment is made through the pharmaceutical attention (PAIVA et al, 2006). Although the Pharmaceutical Attention is not specific for an exclusive etria band, it has a bigger concern with the aged ones. The present polimedicao in almost all the lapsings for aged can imply in serious consequences for this patient. A time that has alterations in the farmacocinticos and farmacodinmicos processes, intervening with process of metabolization of the frmacos and consequently being able to occur problems of relative toxicidade the frmacos. The adverse reactions and medicamentosas interactions also are frequent. The adhesion to the treatment also prescribed is not a serious problem to be notified, therefore it displays the patient to a risk bigger of hospitalization and morbidade. Therefore the exerted farmacoteraputico accompaniment in the pharmaceutical assistance is indispensable for these patients (LAMB et al., 2005).

A research carried through in Porto Alegre in the year of 2005, disclosed that 91% of the aged ones make use of some frmaco, being that interviewed 27% of the aged ones had a polifarmacoterapia with five or more medicines. To this, the chronic illnesses and the physical limitations can compromise its ability to use the medicine, diminishing the adhesion to the farmacolgico treatment. Based on the assistance the health of the aged one a relation between user-druggist is evidenced, in what it refers to the correct and rational use of medicines and practical of the pharmaceutical assistance (the FLOWERS et al. , 2005) Determined resources they can identify the not-tack to the treatment, as srico control of the frmacos, tablet counting, comment of appearance of adverse reactions, evaluation of the lapsings, posolgico planning to facilitate to the use of medicines for the aged patient and referring questionnaires to the rational medicine use and the farmacoteraputico accompaniment (ROCK et al., 2008). The comprometimento of the druggist next to one has equipped to multidiscipline with informative and educative lectures aiming at the promotion of the quality of life of the patient, being basic part, through its methodology, to guarantee rational medicine use and correct and satisfactory farmacoteraputico accompaniment for the medicine users (ROCK et al., 2008). 4.CONCLUSO the public net has a great demand of medicine distribution, this contributes in a negative way for the adhesion to the treatment, mainly in what it says respect to the aged ones, information this that confirm given of the Brazilian Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry that discloses that almost 50% of the Brazilian population do not have access to the medicine due to economic resources. Difficulties to the access the medicines in ambulatorial level, either for the medicine lack or the lack of quality or the use irrational, still more raise the number of internments for the worsening of the clinical picture that could be treated in the clinic preventing unnecessary expenses (PEREZ et al., 2008). The Pharmaceutical Attention and the Pharmaceutical Assistance become indispensable for the understanding and the adhesion of the user to the treatment

The Population

19 Jun

Seated, hearing the priest to speak. He started a fear, a fear to faint. I started to sweat, my head started to twirl, I was idiot, I held in the bank, seemed that it went to fall. There I raised and I was even so I felt very, much fear. Fear to feel fear, fear of multitude, fear of speaking in public. As today exactly, that I had an event, and I was not, because I trembled with fear alone in thinking about you in this event.

In the interview, we perceive in the story of the patient who when crisis in the church happened 1, great part of repudiated it to the population speaking that they were on malignant things to the side spiritual of the same one. This disturbed it as much that until today it does not frequent the church which happened its 1 crisis. Another important moment was when the interviewed one mentioned that in the day of interview it would have an event important and alone to think already was tremendous, that is a consequence of antecipatrias crises. This fact reaffirms what it meets in the literature, that generally the patient one passes constantly for a psychological pressure of proper ' ' eu' ' , That is, if it charges trying demasiadamente to hinder that the crises occur, without perceiving that when suffering from these antecipatrias crises it premakes use the panic crises. Thus, we verify that, the carrying patient of the S.P has full conscience that is sick and that needs aid (treatment). The patient very suffers when thinking constantly on its way to act, mainly after the crises, however she does not obtain to control the symptoms. As some stories in literature the panic crises are indescritveis and perhaps the worse one of the psychic and organic experiences that somebody can try. This posthumous suffering is what it is called of ' ' depression after-crise' ' according to some scholars in the subject.

Nurse’s Work

18 Apr

In some institutions we observe the persistence and the capacity of the work of the nurse and as most of the time its orientation was vital at the beginning of the prenatal one through the NANDA diagnosis, with this method that in them called the attention will search more on the subject of the gestacional hipertenso. With the scientific knowledge it can thus prevent bigger complications in the attendance of the nursing consultations also notices that although all effort of the nurses, still needs an attendance more systemize and integral, that points with respect to the physical aspects, psychological and social of these gestantes hipertensa to the risks presented for this pathology, that generally occurs in gestacional period. The nurses have essential participation as base for the attendance, collaborate in taking care of, where these can help these gestantes with gestacional hipertenso, they supply orientaes and contributing to also program Education and Health in the communities, cliente that the nursing inside has important paper of the health services, thus favoring the promotion and the maintenance of the health. In accordance with the Health department (2000): The pregnancy in Brazil still is considered a problem of public health and in other countries also had the lack of familiar planning. Problematizao: Of that it forms the nurse can be acting to provide better conditions of life for the carrying customer of the gestacional hipertenso in the prenatal one? The nurse through the prevention will have to guide the gestante on its pathology and as to collaborate with the treatment. The nurse is a professional more adjusted to work the question of the adhesion of the patient to the treatment antihypertensive, which had to the characteristics of its work, that it searchs to approach the individual of global form, including and continuous. It has that to stand out the envolvement of the nurse (a) with this customer and its familiar ones.

Practical Process

4 Mar

In this way, the assistencial plan results of the analysis of the nursing diagnosis, examining itself the problems of nursing, the affected necessities and the degree of dependence, where the cares developed during the nursing process are individualizados for each in case that, that is, in accordance with the patient or exactly in accordance with the extension where if it finds the pathology in the organism, them if bases on a model of general attention, that for times serves of reference for the nurse during the elaboration process and implementation of cares properly said (12). Being understood not only as a way to make, however as a way to think the practical assistencial, it is observed that the use of the nursing process involves three interrelated areas of cognition: the reasoning and disgnostic judgment; the reasoning and therapeutical judgment and the reasoning and ethical judgment (13).

Perceive it importance of the application of the process of daily nursing as practical of the nurse in the hospital care to the patients acometidos for pneumonia, standing out the agility of the assistance of given nursing, as well as a more scientific optics for the therapeutical behaviors of nursing propitiating a significance for the clinical picture of the patient. Being thus, we can arrive at the conclusion that the nursing process is as a metodolgico instrument of that we launch hand in such a way to favor the care, how much to manage the conditions necessary so that this occurs (14). that stops such facts being materialize if they make necessary good anamnese and physical examination directed for the evaluation of the respiratory function of the patient with pneumonia, in order to collect trustworthy subsidies for the correct identification of the nursing problems, as well as of the colaborativos problems, for the posterior identification of the nursing disgnostic that can be gifts in the clinical case which the nurse and its team are propitiating assistance.

The Descriptions

19 Dec

In this direction, it is considered that the livened up drawings, through the dialogue that its personages exert with the small spectators, directly influence in the valuation and maintenance of the commercialized ideal of beauty, standing out bitipo lean, strong and high as being more privileged in detriment of the other corporal possibilities. The above-mentioned author detaches, still, that the esteretipos wide are contemplated by the cultural industry because they take care of I appeal to it economic required for the capitalist ideology. Thus, while communication elements the esteretipos are economic, therefore they allow to process social information quickly, as any another social representation, to transform the evaluations into descriptions and the descriptions in explanations. Esteretipo can exactly be defined as a species of percipient project associated the certain categories of people or objectos, crystallized around a word assigns that them, automatically intervined the representation and characterization of especmenes of these categories (Maisonneuve, J., 1971:110) In such a way, the proper language signals and carries the esteretipos, influencing decisively the processes of communication between individuals and groups (BAPTISTA, 1996, P. 9).

Grifos of the author. On the other hand, the children do not consist in ‘ ‘ empty vases of vidro’ ‘ or in ‘ ‘ blank sheets of paper ‘ ‘ , where if they can inscribe ideologies, gostos, practical social, fancies and criatividades: programming of the television supplies an ample repertoire of information that are assimilated by the children, but that also they are reproduced and ressignificadas through its behavior, either during the tricks, either in the conviviality with the other people. this taking of the Real, that is, of what he is proper and characteristic of the child, is tried to compensate with the symbolic one? role immediately assumed by the livened up drawings.