Practical Process

4 Mar

In this way, the assistencial plan results of the analysis of the nursing diagnosis, examining itself the problems of nursing, the affected necessities and the degree of dependence, where the cares developed during the nursing process are individualizados for each in case that, that is, in accordance with the patient or exactly in accordance with the extension where if it finds the pathology in the organism, them if bases on a model of general attention, that for times serves of reference for the nurse during the elaboration process and implementation of cares properly said (12). Being understood not only as a way to make, however as a way to think the practical assistencial, it is observed that the use of the nursing process involves three interrelated areas of cognition: the reasoning and disgnostic judgment; the reasoning and therapeutical judgment and the reasoning and ethical judgment (13).

Perceive it importance of the application of the process of daily nursing as practical of the nurse in the hospital care to the patients acometidos for pneumonia, standing out the agility of the assistance of given nursing, as well as a more scientific optics for the therapeutical behaviors of nursing propitiating a significance for the clinical picture of the patient. Being thus, we can arrive at the conclusion that the nursing process is as a metodolgico instrument of that we launch hand in such a way to favor the care, how much to manage the conditions necessary so that this occurs (14). that stops such facts being materialize if they make necessary good anamnese and physical examination directed for the evaluation of the respiratory function of the patient with pneumonia, in order to collect trustworthy subsidies for the correct identification of the nursing problems, as well as of the colaborativos problems, for the posterior identification of the nursing disgnostic that can be gifts in the clinical case which the nurse and its team are propitiating assistance.