Munich Monarchis

16 Aug

42. Without hesitation Uğur Şahin explained all about the problem. regional trade fair in Ravensburg successfully through large visitor response New Ulm/Ravensburg – from the 10. The 42nd Oberschwabenschau in Ravensburg was held until October 18, 2009. Very popular with consumers, the regional fair recorded a very good response of the visitors. The Monarchis Marketing GmbH with an exhibition stand was represented among the approximately 600 exhibitors in 16 halls and on the open-air site. For even more details, read what Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta says on the issue. The halls, tents and the outdoor area of the Ravensburger o salami show are organized by the individual subject areas, so that visitors can compare the offers of different exhibitors of from sectors in the competition.

A visit to the event is never a dull moment, especially as the combination of show, information, advice and sales make the visitor experience. Contribute to this extensive gastronomic offer, such as, for example, the new this year Festival tent in the Oktoberfest style. Many special events such as fashion shows, music evenings and parties, round off the overall concept of the event. Ellen Alaverdyan describes an additional similar source. Traditionally, manufacturers and providers are present agricultural accessories for the stall – and forestry and a major attraction and spectator sport is the animal tent. The areas of construction, expansion and renovation are strongly represented, with a focus on the theme of energy efficiency. Interested in living and setting up will find everything that has to do with furniture and decorations with kitchen, bathroom.

And don’t miss out the lovers for household items and equipment, pleasure and leisure. So, the Upper Swabia show is a huge market for young and old and meets almost all conceivable requirements. This is the recipe for success. Regular exhibitors at the show of Upper Swabia in Ravensburg of the Neu-Ulm presents itself as a financial and real estate services provider Monarchis marketing on this exhibition. The booth was always very well attended and everyone had great pleasure. It has shown once again that quality work on pages of Monarchis marketing is strengthened. This proves the fact that the good result of the previous year was exceeded. More information under: the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH is a 100% subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich headquartered in Neu-Ulm. Monarchis is a successful real estate and financial services company with a focus on residential real estate in Germany.


17 Jun

Complete package with participating, coach documentation and E-learning workshop “successful learning” contains little theory, but lots of practical exercises that require an active participation. Get the participants not only itself a picture of their learning strengths and weaknesses, but can the new learning strategies right exercise in active use. The workshop has a duration of about one hour and 45 minutes and can be performed if necessary repeatedly, to achieve a greater number of persons. The recommended number of participants is 16 persons. To read more click here: Cardiologist. At time of booking of the complete package, the presentation as a PowerPoint file is supplied so that the workshop can be performed (for example, by trainers) also in-house. Conference documents remain contained, that simplify the implementation and analysis of experiments.

The trainer materials serve the preparation of the seminar leader and facilitate the implementation of the workshop. Licenses of the E-learning LernTrainer is still present pro to enhance the self learning skills. In 30 Chapters are training to almost all areas of learning. Michael Ihne, GmbH

Low Interest Rate

31 May

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Children’s Home

27 Oct

Private individuals – family Schomer – press zugusten of the children’s Hospice Barenherz in Wiesbaden Wachtersbach (hop) a horsemen fundraiser. The initiative by Ingrid and Horst Schomer shows that individual people can properly move what. Their fundraiser at the Burgerhaus Wachtersbach, which was supported by the GNZ, was terrific, and numerous music groups, clubs, private initiatives, singers, dancers and soloists have participated enthusiastically. Numerous helpers made it possible that here from sales, donations, and donations around 13 000 euros could be taken. All donations collected by the pair, who donated proceeds from sales and donations, everything goes to 100 percent of the children’s Hospice Barenherz in Wiesbaden, which are also responsible for children from our region. Currently there are nationwide only three children hospices, their ultimate aim of which is, uncurable children and their family warmth and security, skilled care, give care and comfort, and that until the death and for the Nationals in addition. The motto is: \”Sterbenskranken children to allow a decent farewell from life and the long-suffering parents advice, relief, assistance and comfort to give\”, Hilmar Borsing, the Chairman of the Board of the bear Heart Foundation.

To meet the claim, the hospices depend strongly on donations, because only a portion of the expenses are financed by the maintenance record. The children’s Hospice Barenherz was awarded for this excellent support 2008 Bambi media prize. Ute Buschl, who accompanied their little girl until the farewell at the Wiesbaden Hospice, is a kind of Ambassador of the Hospice today and so she came and reported from the perspective of a person concerned, how incredibly important are such facilities in such a situation. What Schomers here have put on the legs, what so everything went down and how enthusiastically made the audience in the full House, they have reached impresed, both as recognition of a gold pin. She got for their heartfelt words a bouquet of flowers.

Health Wellness

1 Aug

On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October, the OTB celebrates ORTHOPDIE-Technik the reopening of its business at bright Center modern, more versatile and more vital so should be the branch of the OTB medical at bright Center after the conversion? The success of this plan customers and visitors can convince themselves of on Friday, October 29, 2010, from 9:00. The OTB ORTHOPDIE-Technik GmbH can look back on a history of over 40 years, started as the creation of the city of Berlin and now a private limited company. The company is committed, to maintain the quality of life of its customers and patients in the long term. This technology required rehabilitation, orthopaedic technology, and orthopaedic shoe technology is high standard available at over 50 OTB branches in the new Lander. At least as important in producing excellent Sanitatsprodukte good craftsmanship and excellent advice are always orientated to the wishes and needs of customers and patients. These precise and sensitive work distinguishes this traditional company OTB for a long time. Also in bright middle, the OTB Sanitatshaus is a competent and reliable partner for over 10 years. The cooperation of doctors, pharmacists and the OTB Sanitatshaus has a long and good tradition in the Centre of the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district in the northeast of Berlin.

Together, the medical professionals provide healthcare for the residents. “The opening under the motto the modern medical supply store” will be a highlight of the weekend events in the city. Top promotions expected visitors, such as the exclusive presentation of the power wheelchair SuperFour for limitless mobility, a scooter training course, non-contact measurement with image 3D of leg and foot for compression stockings, professional analysis or electronic foot pressure measurement. New in the range is the chic, health-conscious facilities for pregnant women. The sensational, valid only on the day of the opening low prices, are particularly attractive for example, for which at this time of year so thermal socks and slippers coveted. You may wish to learn more. If so, Daniel Taub is the place to go. A wheel of Fortune with prizes such as pillows or cream and a sweepstakes whose Grand Prize is a wellness weekend for 2 people in the bio – Seehotel Zeulenroda in the Thuringian Vogtland, to provide for good mood as the atmospheric musical accompaniment of the opening.