Peruvian Mentality

9 Jun

If I see two ladies, besuqueando with the same man at the same time, what I think of them? The gentleman in question was none other than Congressman Rolando Sousa. I don’t know if the Lord will be married, unmarried, widowed or divorced; But what if, is that a show of this nature, cannot give it a Congressman in the nation. But that is the mentality of the Peruvian, and if that Peruvian comes to power, that his reaction will be. I am quite sure, that if we make a survey at the national level to ordinary people, and we asked him what is the specific function of Congress? Wouldn’t answer. And is the main news that Congressmen generated are: sentimental scandals, transfuguismos, influence peddling, personal discussions between themselves, etc.

But never a story that says: it passed a law that will revolutionise the country in a positive way (revolution in the best sense of the word) that mentality that inculcate our children be alive, known, telling them that if you do not you do it, another will do, don’t that mentality of wanting to take advantage itself to every circumstance of our lives, be perceived as a jerk is what is manifested in all its dimension when that person arrives in any public office, and handles power within the State Government of a country. We are painfully aware that candidates with more economic power, are those who have more opportunity to reach out to people, with their lies and fights among them. Candidates who with his money and that of others, may make millions of dollars election campaigns, to use his brutal demagoguery against us. Candidates who arrive to power surprisingly charge everything invested. Candidates who in the recesses of your subconscious, bear the stamp of children marked for life: you’re not perceived as a jerk, you have to be alive, you have to be able to succeed in life. And to finish this article, I want to make us a question, very apart from this painful reality, but I think that if you have relationship with all this: in the countries that have achieved a high technological level, as United States and Japan, are you interested in football? Does has it served them of something in their technological development, put his interest in that sport?

History Of Vinegar

18 Mar

Vinegar (Latin vinum acrid and this became old French vinaigre, sour wine), is a liquid that is miscible with sour flavor that comes from the acetic fermentation of the wine and Apple (via bacteria Mycoderma aceti). Vinegar contains a concentration ranging from 3% to 5% acetic acid in water. Natural Vinegars also contain small amounts of tartaric acid, and citric acid. Today vinegar is one of the products most disseminated by the mundolan in really, today, are many shops where it is possible to buy vinegar. We are going to see a little bit of history about this amazing product: the use of vinegar in gastronomy is possible be linked at the beginning of the manufacture of alcoholic beverages. The first written testimony on the use of vinegar comes from the Roman Empire when the gourmet Apicio (contemporary of the Emperor Tiberius) and author of the oldest cookery book, called De re coquinaria in Western culture, the already listed recipes that employ vinegar.

The vinegar traditionally came from the barrels for the wine production that is agriaba, or became bad. The enological expression is: wine is stung, i.e. began to form vinegar. This was happening spontaneously well in a boot or is rising acidity the bottled wine, thus retreated and was used for vinegar. The specific phenomenon of the production of vinegar was not explained until the year 1864. Since this date the use of oil has been developed so far. As we have seen the vinegar you have many jobs.

The main is in the gastronomy: the vinegar is mainly used together with oil for seasoning vegetables and vegetables in salads. Vinegar is a key piece in the pickles, Marinades and pickles, is used as a preservative since it slows down the effects of food rot. Usually used Vinegars flavored with various herbs, such as dill, tarragon, Rosemary and thyme; There are also those of garlic. Another very interesting job is that medicinal: vinegar has some medicinal properties due to its acidity for example acts well against swelling of the skin caused by the bite of certain insects, if vinegar is applied in the zone that stung the insect.