Code Treatment

18 May

Not only for administrative and clinical ends, the surgeon-dentist must register all the pertinent acts to its relationship with the patient, but, also, to supply subsidies its defense in possible demands judicial. With the creation of Law N. 8078, 11/09/1990 (Code of the Consumer) and for the access to the information each time more facilitated, the people are clienter of its rights as consuming, being this reality observed in the relationships Surgeon-Dentist (Supplying) and Patient (Consuming). In this relation, the Code of the Consumer foresees the possibility to attribute the responsibility of the test to the supplier, in this in case that to the professional, whenever necessary (art. 6., VIII of the CDC).

From there, the importance of Surgeon-Dentist to carefully elaborate and to keep to the documentation of all the pertinent steps to the treatment, duly warned to see its defense in judgment engaged. Since the first contact with the patient, when made anamnese and delineated the treatment to be carried through, surgeon-dentist must describe the clinical conditions of the patient, as well as, all the acts that compose the treatment, with respective risks, honorary, mode of payment, beyond a forecast for the conclusion of the service; everything duly signed by both the parts. He must clarify the responsibilities of one and another one in the course of the treatment and, in such a way, elaborate the contract of rendering of services, clinical fiche, examinations, x-rays, everything what he understands the odontolgica documentation that is the most valuable instrument of defense that the professional has to defend itself in administrative legal actions and. The responsibility is an obligation to assume the legal consequncias of a fact. In the Civil liability, the agent who committed a tort, is obliged to repair the damage (art. 927 of the Civil Code). If the professional to infringe the norms and protocols of biossegurana, for example, and of this, to result a damage to the patient, the example of the crossed infection, could be made responsible for this odontolgico error, with the consequent obligation to indemnify the injured one.