National Franchises

14 Mar

In an unfavorable economic scenario, national franchises have income of about 21.8 million euros. It’s a growth of 1.7% analogous to the number of new brands created in 2009 (+ 2%). They are 23 released new chains, while the total operational networks are 17, for an overall number of 869 marks with a structure average of 61 affiliate partners. In a first research to define the current characteristics that are based on decisions that are applied in the sector of the franchise and the processes necessary to enhance (made by a research group of Itia-Cnr, Universita degli studi Roma Tor Vergata and European Universita Roma), has emerged the need for better identification of critical variables of the model. Nowadays great emphasis is given to the georeferencing of the address of the specific activity of the company, either with tables, charts and thematic maps, indicators (daytime population, number of commercial exercises), segmentation by styles of life, disposable income, or some indices of consumption.

It is no account information of financial nature. A memorandum of understanding signed between Rm1 Cnr Area di Montelibretti and BRD Consulting has as main objectives: develop promotion activity of services paid through the Bank of the Geofranchising data, enhance current services through research methods and mathematical modeling, dissemination and publication of research results achieved, produce new payable services through the use of the data of the potential users of BRD Consulting. This signature has allowed to study a territorial cluster which will be extracted data that will help develop a model sufficiently robust and representative of the universe of companies that operate today in the franchise sector. The results will allow act in applications areas more in line with the demands of the franchise and produce new indicators.