DRGB Radiation

23 Mar

April 26, 1986 in the Ukrainian city of Pripyat exploded fourth block of Chernobyl NPP. This is the most ominous nuclear radiation accident XX century. The accident at the Chernobyl shook the world. Who is right and who is to blame? … This is still debated and there are rumors, but that is change …

We still feel for yourself the explosion, which were exposed to millions of people, tens of thousands of square kilometers of the planet’s surface. He will be exposed to emerging and future inhabitants of Earth, Ecology environment, will take many years to a planet cleansed of this radiation. From the recollections of participants in the research group on the day after the explosion: “By the way, double-stopping. Dosimetrist of the “eight” (NIKIET) uncovers radiation monitoring instruments, measuring the background. It was felt that the background increased, but not catastrophic (at which time the wind blew against us strontium. Kilometers per 10 to Pripyat stopped in the village. I side of the road and a small area several buses with the weeping women and children.

Got it – had been evacuated. About buses a lot of people probably local. Talk to sitting on the bus. Conversations are quiet, without loud emotions, but felt anxiety in his eyes, behavior. Now Pripyat – a town-museum, a certain kind of tourist area, especially this time of year. Everyone is welcome to visit the crash site. According to people who visited “Exclusion zone” general impressions simply do not convey. This is sure to see yourself. Go to only with an understanding of where you’re going and why. And you need to understand how much it can be dangerous to health. Although many years had passed, but the system of radiation control there is still broken and requires a continuous measurement of radiation. But even if you have decided on such a feat, the necessary things in this trip you will Devices radiation measurement: the professional dosimeter, radiometer, household dosimeter. With the help of which you will be able to see how many are still disastrous ecology in Pripyat. The company “EKORAD” is probably the only organization Russia, which is constantly improving domestic devices for measuring radiation, developed and launched the brand new dosimeter-radiometer DRGB 01 “ECO-1.” But not only in Pripyat you will need these devices, and in simple human life. We all know how many terrible state of ecology in general in the world. For example, household dosimeter will help you measure the radiation level of any product. And then you’ll know what product can be used, and what better to throw to avoid falling depleting substances in your body. For a more detailed investigation LLC “Ekorad” offers professional dosimeter, which has a more perfect design and has some additional features compared to domestic.