10 Jul

Let’s see how it is absolutely essential that in a group of people who view his friend fall into Vice to alcohol we need sane and healthy friends lead it to get rid of the codependency through pre-existing media recovery. The codependency of alcohol is an automatic mechanism for adaptation pattern followed by someone who lives with a person who is addicted to alcohol. The person needing to get rid of the codependency tends to become self-defeating and it becomes a habit. The House where establishing a situation of liberation of codependency and prevalent alcohol becomes dysfunctional. There are behaviors that are harmful to the healthy life. His actions and beliefs also become very different and harmful for the bonding of the family.

There is no trust and members of the family do not communicate among themselves with frankness about the things that make. Living in such a condition of release of codependency alcohol almost always gives rise to anxiety and concern. Generally speaking, the levels of stress of these households are increased due to the rigidity of the rules laid down by the members of the family to overcome the addiction of the Member of the family that has created an environment in need of liberation to the codependency to alcohol. It will not allow anyone to cross the line of control and if someone does so is considered to be oppositional. On the contrary, all members of the family are free to talk and let out their emotional feelings through sharing, trust and tell the truth, in healthy families. There may be different arguments, but always it comes to a healthy conclusion and consensus.

These families work better. Family members carry a free and healthy life, while in healthy families, where the possibility of freeing himself of the codependency of alcohol, are members of the family, tend to live as prisoners, no freedom to express what they think of themselves and others. In these situations of freeing himself from the codependency to alcohol, the co-dependent person tends to get into some different ways to do faced with your addiction in order to survive. They don’t want to break your family, it hurts them as is configured and suffer much by the development of oneself. There is a similar pattern that is in all those who are released from the codependency. In the process they lose their own emotions with the passage of time. It is a matter of concern that the person faces to find freedom from alcohol codependency becomes an addict and has strange behavior, either with people inside and outside the family. When you want to get rid of codependency in the environment to alcohol, lost contact with their feelings, it’s relate their behaviors of self-esteem and the alcoholic person. Ironically, in the majority of cases, even though the alcoholic person achieves cured of his addiction, the seeks release of CoDependency, does not come out of their habits. And also sometimes surprisingly feel upset because the past was who was causing the destruction of the family.