12 Apr

MURTAS FLOWERS ' ' This creates the Hadassa (that it is Ester, son of its uncle) ' ' Et 2:7 All know the history of the saudosa queen Ester, girl mistreat that it are chosen to be queen the majestical Persian empire in the times of the exile of Israel. Yes this history sufficiently is known! But it is not on ESTER that I want to treat in that I write here, because of Ester all speak, they nail and they produce studies. It is very easy to only speak of the victories of somebody, therefore always they bring comfort hope for ours you deal day to day. Nobody imports for what it was Ester before being queen, before the power, the Gloria, when its name still was HADASSA. But nor always the victories in only teach great lies to them. The difficulties always are great facultieses of the life. Hadassa means MURTAS, a small used shrub for paisagismo. In the truth, one is about a very small plant, that most of the time does not have a very escultural format and for very its beauty it is not there these things.

In a vision Zacarias prophet sees a knight in one obscure valley between murtas (Zc 1,8). In this vision the valley meant humilhao and murtas deals with the desolation spiritual that the people of Israel if found. But that father would place a name with such qualities above cited in its son? He could have placed for example the name of ROSE, IRIS and even though DAISY! We know that at this time it was sufficiently common to use names of plants in Jewish children, then attributing the main qualities of the plant to the desire of as he would be its son () in the future. Not a superstition plus one affection form. But, why HADASSA? One plants stranger, uniform and without favour? After all, we can until imagining that the parents of Hadassa were attributing this name to it that in well literal way it means small, stranger, uniform, without value or utility.

Mateus Inside

10 May

We read in Mateus 9:20 that had a woman that it had has twelve years it suffered from a blood flow and says the history that it was a successful woman, that is, a person who had corporeal properties, but with everything this who it had did not decide its problem, therefore nothing this illness took off it that the twelve years tormented to it. But certain day it was knowing that in its city she passed a man called Jesus de Nazar who made cures and miracles for where he passed, and it inside its house said I obtain same ' ' if I to so only touch in the vestment of this man will be s' '. This woman inside took an attitude of its heart and left behind its cure, therefore already she did not support more life in this life, ties because at that time who had this illness was considered a dirty person and had that to be separate of the other people, but in that day it inside placed of its proper heart an attitude to move of life. with that attitude inside of its heart it left its house and was behind its cure and when it obtained to sight Jesus it sees that it was almost impossible to arrive it ties, because he had in its front a great multitude, but inside of its heart he had a thing that &#039 stimulated it for front; ' I cannot come back as it was, but necessary to touch in it ' ' , and this made with that it continued the walked one in the way of the multitude. This woman obtains to face all that multitude and arrives ties where the man of the cure was and straining its hand he touched in the edge of its clothes, that is, he touched in the end of its vestments back in low when it touched that man stopped and asked: – It touched Who me? one of the disciples that was with it soon said, master oppresses you to the multitude and still he asks to me touched who you.