Famous Psychologist

17 Jun

finally, this famous psychologist still explains that the children also feel pleasure – orgasmo -, had mainly to the sensations that the tato provides. Coming back my passion for Melania, everything had a tragic end, according to my judgment at the time, it was transferred of school after to be kissed the force for a called boy Fbio, but beyond cimes it left what me more furious he was that although the boy to have motivated the transference of the girl, the direction of the school punished with a simple warning, while in the corridors was cogitated that managing Mrs. was familiar of the boy infractor. In my life I for the first time had hatred in the heart, that I relieved to the prantos with my mother. It fits to interrupt the narration to stand out that after to be married Rose, was born my cousin Itallo, the first son of Ito, that since teeny already was become attached mim.7 well. Chapter VI – Dindinha the matriarca of famliDindinha was my great-grandmother, it was anci more glad and smart that already I knew, although ours rinchas. It all had accomplices for the quarter, people who covered its vices and pranks.

While new, she was very rich and it alleged that my Agapito grandfather wanted to take everything what he was of it, but for irony of the destination, its children of Salvador its good was who took all, and it one finished going to live in the house of my grandmothers reason nor to another wanted it son. Also called Clear Owner, although to be descending of Italians, it loved the local culture, it danced forr, it chewed tobacco and it ingested alcoholic beverage. It ate the entire day and when some visit in the house of my grandmothers arrived, it spoke that nobody had given to nothing pra to it to eat, hated to take bath being needed to be fiscalized in the questions of personal hygiene, therefore most of the time only it wet the feet and it alleged already to have bathed.