Literature, Books And Publishing

23 Apr

It is a rewarding task because their success makes me happy, especially when many of them come to tell me that I have served very helpful, which I always do as far as I wanted. The limitations that compel me to be always trying new ways to extend my hand and my writers, beginners or consecrated. I can not stop go ahead and complain, I think a lot, but am working. The Blackstone Group follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Soil deliver what it promises. When I fail to comply, as in the case of broadcasting of “Radio Hispanorama Literature,” which I found to help, always I defer to other professionals, but my authors “receive” the promise, either because the channel is. – Write or dedicate to the promotion of other authors? Both things can not get one without the other.

Usually philosophical in my decisions when they involve third parties, but I can not choose this issue because writing led me to promote. It is time to promote culture and their authors, to try twin towns where we are all united by the common bond of the WORD. But it is obvious that my literary work I can not relegate to by life would be like “die.” At that time too. In life you just have to have patience and perseverance. That is why when I come forward to young authors to publish always advise them to wait. Publish never make you a better writer / a. For the rest of the world if it is published is as though there was a writer.