The Sky Subscription – The Test

28 Mar

Worth the digital television of the Pay-TV provider? We all know the advertising promises that the pay TV provider sky makes the viewers. But is really something the Sky subscription? Or you can see only the movies that you already know and can no longer see? TV-Snoop has done the test and ordered up the sky film package. With 24.99 for an HDTV receiver + sky world was once cheaper than usual, was of course a Christmas offer. Although the HD option is not selected, the sky package offers still many films in high-digital, so such as the public and private broadcasters ARD, ZDF, Pro7, RTL, Tele 5, etc. The film includes also some stations you can argue about their meaning. There are E.g. cable 1 classics, sat 1 comedy or SyFy, a total of about 10 channels, showing mainly films which appear anyway all the time on television.

It is exciting but at the sky even movie offers. Also here is again about 10 channels available on which mainly the newer movies run (such as. My fictional woman or Tron legacy). There are also some services such as the MGM channel running the best movies of all time. The conclusion is extremely positive: + many channels and movies (especially movies), many in HD + great alternative to the normal HD satellite receiver + relative cheap, when you consider how many new films can be seen + many additional options such as Sky go for on the road or Sky select for video-on-demand (note special offers!) – lots of info hiding in detail. How much is actually sky select? What is the difference between sky select and sky select on anytime? -Parental control is annoying. Mai for many films on and you can not disable it unfortunately. This is good for families, but annoying for childless.