The Human Bosta Not Be Exhausted

23 Aug

With enormous horror and disgust, as a human being, I read that in Haiti forty-five people had been linchadas after being accused of being the guilty of spreading the cholera disease that has already claimed more than 2,000 lives. Nature has festering with this country, one of the poorest in the world where the anguish and pain take precedence over any other feelings. Earlier this year passed an earthquake almost destroyed Haiti to its foundations. If something was missing to this people, was submerged in a sea of imbecilidades, through fetishism that created the Voodoo, the official religion during the bloody Francois Duvalier (b. 1907) and extended until our times. Preventive Medicine Research Institute takes a slightly different approach.

The barbarian known as Papa Doc (medical profession era), strengthened its power creating a paramilitary force that became known as Tonton Macoute, which made disappear from the face of the earth over one hundred fifty thousand people. It is good to know that the origin of Voodoo is African and found its expansion on Haitian soil during a ceremony chaired by the Jamaican Dutty Boukman priest, at the end of 18th century. It is presumed that this fact was the catalyst for the slave revolution in 1804. American Voodoo other religions such as the widespread arise in Cuba even more mistificada by Christian currents in nature, or the Umbanda Brazil. Santeria a syncretic maximum expressions of the world uses symbols and Christian Saints, that give image and represent loas and previous, similar to the voodoo rites. The same thing happens in the Dominican Republic where figures of Christianity are taken to represent their praise. Voodoo has been a strong reference to popular culture, due to the assigned capacity of the bokor (sorcerers) to resurrect the dead and make them work for their benefit (zombies), as well as cause the death at will. Those who holds this cult unquestionably are beings that have stopped in time and are susceptible to being manipulated with impunity by his priests.