The Cooling

29 Mar

Brief description. Deutz engines are ideal as a drive for versatile use in industry, agriculture, vehicles and shipping. Since the cooling water is not used, greatly simplifies maintenance and does not arise problems such as leakage, cavitation, corrosion and prevent freezing. From experience we know that the cause of more than 50% of all damage to the engine with water cooling is the cooling system. Characteristic features of air-cooled engines Deutz is the following: Individual cylinders and separate heads tsilindrov.Integralnaya cooling system that requires almost no maintenance.

On choose a control that works according to the desired nagruzki.Pri supplied with two-stage combustion engines to meet specific requirements to waste gases (eg, for use in underground conditions). Diesel engines, air-cooled Deutz differ little noise, which has been repeatedly confirmed by comparing the measurement data engines with air and water cooling. Development of row engines derived from the needs of the engines of small width, designed for specific applications, such as rotating platform vehicle with a crane, road-building machinery, etc. The advantage of V-twin engine is primarily a compact design and light weight. Engines in this series are the most diverse applications for trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machinery, compressors, vehicles for movement along the rails, plants and other industrial purposes. Increasingly, these engines are used as a ship's drive as well as for all increasing pollution of water cooling system can fail.

Workflow with direct injection of Deutz. 1. Fuel injection is carried out on well-proven method of direct injection. 2. Other leaders such as Donald Sussman offer similar insights.