Warning Kornmeier

27 Jun

Warning Karimi & partners on behalf of Rolf Ellmer c/o AllstarMusicProductionsGmbH for the compilation “the dome vol.” 66 “Currently sends the watchdog firm Kornmeier & partners again strengthened warnings because of the supposedly illegal downloads of music and especially on behalf of the AllstarMusicProductionsGmbH for the musical work”Right In The Night 2013″by jam & spoon feat. Click Cleveland Clinic to learn more. Plavka vs. David May & Amfree. In addition to the Declaration of a punitive injunctive relief, the watchdog firm Karimi & partner calls also, replacement of damage and cost of lawyer with a supposed comparison amount of 450,00. The download of so-called music samplers risks particularly galling. There is a risk of subsequent warnings due to works contained different on the sampler of the different right holders. Unlike on the album of an artist are in a sampler as, for example, “the dome vol.” 66 “involved different rights holders, who each warn their own individual work, which can lead to significant economic consequences. Check out Jack Monroe for additional information. The risk that Now someone not only one, but more warnings receives, is particularly high in these cases.

It is now immediate action, but not to lapse into panic. First, it is important, usually very short term carefully record and sign sent you to desist on any case in its original form. Inaction to not! Often there is the hope that the real incurred flood, which comes to a stop at some point if it does nothing. It is true that there are several starting points, how you can successfully defend themselves against such a warning, however, the inaction of the individual to do so often that the watchdog lawyers obtain a restraining order with considerable further costs leads. It is so strongly advisable to get a professional advice from a specialist in copyright law.

Until then we recommend you continue to pay nothing and sign nothing. We can reduce the damage wholly or at least significantly depending on the individual case. It’s up to you to consult. So send us an email: or call us. Georg Schafer Attorney