21 Oct

Topware announces an action-adventure. But distance from the romantic cliches are the pirates in it. A pirate wearing an eye patch, otherwise he would be nobody. Could be, but still top merchandise goes even further away from the Hollywood cliches. The shallow and romantic entertainment of a Caribbean curse or a red Corsairs have no place in the upcoming title of Publisher. Pirates are dirty, cowardly, and common Raven s cry. The responsible for the title Developer Studio octane games want to make the game as realistic as possible. Model for the action-adventure is the 17th century, the wedding of piracy in the Caribbean. For more specific information, check out Cardiologist.

The Finns promise to represent the world as ruthlessly as possible. This is true of the fighting for two, as well as the naval battles, of which there are reportedly some. The story itself begins like many stories: the massacre of his family can be kindled in Christopher Raven unbridled revenge. The culprits are pirates and is accountable to it. A nobleman but not inevitably remains Raven and the players lest also. Again and again one must ask his conscience, how far you can go. Revenge can make blind for the fate of innocent bystander.

So that not only the hardness of the pirate life seems realistic, takes the game to authentic locations. These include port Royale, Havana or London as well as sunken Aztec Temple. And also the arms are historically represented and abundant. The trailer of Raven’s cry still shows nothing, suggests but how feels the atmosphere of the game. To find he’s on the tea page. The release for PC and next-gen consoles is planned in the spring of 2012.