Agricultural Education

20 Apr

Change the mental model for an Argentina that depends on the agro industry, agricultural education should occupy a place in the decisions of State policies with curricula that are characteristic of the agricultural education and not be under the umbrella of technical education. Students study the same in all provinces with very different production systems. Power sharing of knowledge among teachers and students, is another big challenge for Fediap. (Photo: Juan Carlos Bregy) Expand Las Jornadas national Fediap 2010, will take place at the Institute agricultural Salesian our Lady of the Rosary of Cologne Vignaud, between 16 and 18 September under the motto learn to teach better. Federation Institute operative private (Fediap), is the organizing body of this event which will have international figures bringing knowledge from teachers around the country to share experiences and knowledge. Lic. Juan Carlos Bregy, Director Ejecutivo de Fediap in an interview with forgers It analyzes the current situation of agricultural education, applies to situation which today is the agricultural education. The contents are not commensurate to the new times does not consider that today the teacher is conservative when you should be transformative.. .