Simple And Fun Games For The Dog

1 May

For a balanced dog SLEEPY DOG, a new dog game as an inspiration for a meaningful game offers simple and fun games with the dog every week. Aims, together with the dog to have fun, to promote the bond and utilize the dog mentally. The dog games are an ideal training for the walk or in between. For more specific information, check out Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. Because only a physically and mentally busy dog is a happy and balanced partner in everyday life. The dog his nose performance trained search play – training the nose performance with the search game. Many treats are needed for this game. They used either for small cheese cubes or slices of sausage or but the dry food, which the dog receives regular to his meals.

The dog tends to too much to carry weight around with them or gaining weight fast, then is to keep in mind that the ration in the game of the meals will be deducted. Now here we go! The dog comes in an adjoining room and the door is closed. In another room are for the search game all doors to other rooms closed. Individually, the treats are distributed in space. The treats should be not immediately visible to the dog that he must use his nose to find the treats. There are good hiding places behind a chair leg, under the sofa, behind the curtains, etc. The treats should be such that they are accessible for the dog. Advanced or dogs that have already played games in this form, enjoy treats, which lie on shelves or on the Chair.

After the preparation, the dog can be obtained. Now, he will be sent with the command “Search” in the search. He will can already smell the treats and find the treat with his nose. The dog took a large part of the treat, the dog owner can search together with the dog. This strengthens the binding and prevents the dog from losing motivation. Optional: SLEEPY DOG developing dog beds, dog pillows, dog blankets, and much more for dogs. Healthy DONUT dog bed or dog bed CUBE premium and the healthy dog cushion of AIR are ideal beds for your dog also from the point of view of many veterinarians and animal physiotherapist. Functional products that meet the high demands of dog handlers and their dogs are the target.