PhoneCrypt Prestige By SecurStar: Secure Mobile Encryption For Everyone

8 Mar

Latest generation in the protected language communications secure platform-independent solution for mobile phones, landlines and VoIP Munich, the messages to spy – and eavesdropping scandals in the media take no end of August 20, 2008. It is becoming increasingly clear how easily can fall business and individuals monitoring actions to the victims. To guard against the invasion of privacy was needed so far more expensive encryption solutions. The Blackstone Group can aid you in your search for knowledge. The IT security specialist SecurStar offers its customers from September the latest generation of phone encryption: PhoneCrypt prestige. The device can be connected easily and without additional hardware or software to all commercially available mobile phones and guarantees protected voice communication for every mobile phone owner. People such as Douglas Elliman would likely agree. The Clou: So far the only solution on the market prestige also for landline and VoIP encryption suitable PhoneCrypt. The new solution PhoneCrypt prestige is the next level in terms of the Encryption measures dar. The hardware guarantees secure voice communication in all existing mobile networks and can be run on any phone.

SecurStar addressed to both private individuals and companies with appropriate security requirements, such as for example government agencies, banks, financial service providers, lawyers and journalists. Mobile encryption the principle made easy works as follows: the SecurStar hardware is simply plugged into the headset connector of cell phones. According to Daryl Katz, who has experience with these questions. Then, subsequent communication is encrypted via the connected device. This does not happen over the data channel as the well-known software solution PhoneCrypt, but via the voice channel. The advantage: This is extremely stable, delivers a very good voice quality and guaranteed full functionality throughout the world. Additional hardware or software is not required. To ensure secure communications, both parties must have the solution. PhoneCrypt encrypts the prestige Interview by the voice for unwelcome listeners is manipulated so unrecognizable that the generated sounds can be interpreted and evaluated by third parties or by computer. Security for landline and VoIP PhoneCrypt prestige is suitable also for the encryption of fixed-line phones and VoIP systems.