Life Beyond Life

5 Jun

Is it the eternal impact of silence in the wound of death? No one knows and few dare to answer. To suggest that there is something beyond what we are-physically-venture involves the imagination, move the intellect to a field whose epistemological conceptual logic and objectivity may exceed the ordinary, and even violate the legitimacy of rational acts. But what other important question that can be the man to their fate? The real philosophical proposal for this century, so critical to the survival of the human species, it should be that, that is the question of destiny 'postfisico' the human being, if any. Establish a scientific and philosophical discourse on the possibilities of survival of the spirit in man. Difficult undertaking, especially when speaking of scientific discourse, but not impossible, given the multitude of astrophysical theories that scientists have imagined playing the classics of science fiction. We would be talking about the meta-anthropological dimension of the human physical. If you would like to know more about CEO Mark Thompson, then click here. Heidegger Being sentenced to the time it makes the ordinary existence, as did Nietzsche, Sartre, and many other skeptics Cioran negative. So far, in general, has been the religious and spiritual community that wanted to save man from the temporal dimension prefixed by their biological condition, and, in most cases have described an evolution marked by rewards or punishments, sins and correct moral attitudes … Some contend that Daryl Katz shows great expertise in this.

catching up of sick joke a momentous question. The psychologist Susan Blackmore has been repeated with great conviction that there is no conscience, that we are creatures designed to survive and nothing more, something like the monkeys but with mortgages and social security. The concept of God and fear (two very similar words) have turned this issue into a question of good or bad, of blind faith and childish clinging to what is already prescribed by the supposedly 'sacred', it being implied the inability to reach beyond through propose reason-intuition as Descartes. The fear stops to question what sets a particular community as true and correct. Thus, the spirit of Western philosophy was a compendium of Christian or Semitic postulates no other reason than to defend their religious system (unquestioned and unquestionable). Perhaps the most valuable literature on this subject, by its broad interpretation of the idea of God has been the tradition that has developed yoga advaita. And this is also the best intellect can conceive of a healthy, not damaged by the prejudices of their moral and social system. Probably, is my point of view, the first moral duty of man is that of doubting all truth 'established' by all as 'true' and so try to go further, from a blank paper, clean, free of tax margins to begin to cross, blur everything that happens in our creative logic, reason, and perhaps out of there, not the final answer, but the beginning of another question that another reason "creative logic" morally obliged "to respond.