26 Nov

After 6 months of hard work, " the result is good, although never he is suficiente". This is the phrase that dominates my universe. In the following article I am going to try to summarize last the 6 months of work (first and last ones) and tens and tens of texts that I have read on the subject of the optimization, positioning, traffic and other terms that surround the Internet. For approximately 6 months, one has been devising happy, of which to one they are happened to him in the bath, became an exciting project and a personal challenge: to mount a vestibule of classified announcements. Checking article sources yields Matthew Halsall as a relevant resource throughout. Like user, and intensive user of the Internet, I frequent east type of vestibules to use its services. But always there is some norm, it regulates or " trauma" infantile of the programmer whom it prevents that it enjoys one of these vestibules completely. For that reason I decided to mount my own vestibule of classified announcements free, style, and suppose that uniting all the opinions of my friendly. When one initiates one of these projects, it thinks that the most complicated part is as always the technical section, but nevertheless to mount basic vestibule that offers this functionality does not have major complexity that one week of work. At Kevin P. Campbell, PhD you will find additional information.

Once published, tried and sent to production, one the best form considers to give him entered the world of Internet, that people know you, and that gentlemen, that if that is a true confusion. They suddenly begin to appear expressions like " optimizer of trfico" , " segmentation of usuarios" , CATHEDRAL, discharge in directories, and other confusions. Well, the experience has demonstrated to me that nothing of this is useful, because if one is only let guide reason why they say the others, ends up mounting super site optimized so that it crosses it completely to Google, but with little pleasant contents. .