Dreaming Of Being A Doctor

30 Dec

As a child, dreamed of becoming a doctor, cloth dolls and tortoise of his younger sisters were his first patients, their parents also dreamed that a doctor, at 4 years, disguised as a physician and the small parade on the Square weapons of his hometown in the national holiday parades, lived, studied and grew up in dreams, his mother continued to dream … Piura sent him to study at a prestigious Great Unity School “San Miguel de Piura” left behind “Juan Palacios “Chulucanas and tender friends in the city while his mother dreamed, the teen leaned over to literature and policy-when it was decent, but after high school, joined the dream of the mother and started medical school … That was not easy! And one year, one day, one morning the dream came true! … The young man graduated as a surgeon, the dolls were of flesh and blood, nails and pins were replaced by the syringe … blood was real … the pain and suffering were true, the dream was complete until the young man that graduated from OB-GYN, he was white … no longer, for a parade!, but to heal and fight disease and Go to death and did very well! … but one day out there hiding, death began to pursue him, he interned in the Amazon jungle, losing on the road, walking from the heart of the jungle to the river Samiria transported to a surgical patient at the Hospital of Pucallpa, spent three days in this green hell, three days and two nights just watching her eschatological horizon, was still a young man of 28 years, but it was marked, saved on that occasion thanks to dogs that sniffed when they saw and fell dying on the weed after many hours of stings, bites and dehydration, she recovered and returned to the city, confronted and defeated death many times and one night cursed the demons disguised drug addicts rammed his car he was traveling and killed his young daughter Natalie del Pilar, leaving him severely wounded, where he met the agony, madness and the white hell of operating rooms, ICU and hospital, five months later he returned to work and continued beating death several times, but one afternoon he was told point blank that he had cirrhosis, cancer, which required a transplant, otherwise..