Advertising Photography

23 May

In today's world of advertising photography and graphic design has long go hand in hand, and looking at the poster or catalog is difficult to say who put more effort into it: advertising photographer or designer. With the advent of digital photography and a variety of editors, photo processing any photographer often does the job of the designer, performing clipping photos, changing backgrounds, items, adding the inscription. Newcastle University often addresses the matter in his writings. Nevertheless, the photographer can not replace a professional designer who knows and knows how to pick colors, vladeyushego vector graphics, able to draw obyaekt "from scratch". To whom seek to implement advertising ideas? It all depends on the plot and the costs to required for modeling scene in the real world. If you think about the situation can be simulated in real conditions, the advertising or subject photography certainly preferable. The advantage of the photographer is that when taking pictures, he can catch the right emotions to catch most vyiryshny time, posture and gestures.

When photographing the plot can be changed directly on the site by moving some items, changing the posture of participants, adding details of clothes and etc. Everything that is done to your pictures in minutes, can take hours of painstaking work of the designer. For more information see cancer research. However, sometimes the cost of creating the story for photography are disproportionately large. Indeed, this may require hire models, off the premises with a suitable entourage, to pay for the photographer and hire the necessary lighting equipment and much more. And in general advertising idea may be such that it is simply impossible to simulate in real conditions. In this case, surely it makes sense to apply to the designer. In many agencies there are working and photographers and designers. Photographer photography carries the necessary objects to the appropriate mood, the designer simulates the environment and places captured objects conceived plot. In any case, you have scaled the estimated cost of photography and design to get the best results with minimum costs.