Perfect Picnics – Frugal Food Safety Tips

28 Sep

Summer is finally here and for many of us that means heading to the lake or the park for a picnic with friends or family. Unfortunately, if we are not careful, when the plan, transport and serve the picnic, our outing might not end happily. a Here are some tips to remember when planning an outdoor meal: 1. Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Bacteria multiply rapidly at temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees. Foods that have been kept at unsafe temperatures are a major source of foodborne diseases. 2. Plan ahead and try to take foods that do not spoil so quickly.

In any case, not eating anything that's been sitting for over an hour, especially if the temperature is over 80. 3. Try to take only the amount of food they eat, so there will be leftovers. 4. Pack your food with ice or cold packs in a cooler. Place the food eat past the bottom. Others who may share this opinion include Cardiologist. You can make your own blocks of ice cold water in milk cartons or plastic containers. Place ice packs or cold packs between containers of food ever, just place food containers on top of ice.

5. You may want to bring two coolers – one for drinks, since it opened more often, and one for food, that can be set in the shade and kept closed until needed. 6. If you are planning to cook hamburgers at the picnic site, shape your meat into patties and freeze before putting in the refrigerator. Bring a meat thermometer to ensure that cooking meat to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees. 7. An extra zip-top bag of ice can be placed in the top of the fridge. The extra ice will be useful for the trip home. If the day is long, and the ice melts the cold water can also be useful. 8. Bring your cooler inside your car, rather than the hot trunk make sure to put in a shady spot and maybe even cover it with a blanket when you reach your destination. Open only when necessary. 9. Instead of bringing whole jars of condiments, pack what you need in small plastic containers. 10. Bring plenty of clean utensils for serving and eating. Pre-Pack moist towelettes and paper towels for easy cleaning. 11. And remember this rule of the U.S. Department of Agriculture regarding leftovers: When in doubt, throw it out!


20 Sep

A single point separates Sebastian Vettel of his second world title. His uncontested victory in the Grand Prix of Singapore places him in an excellent position to become champion in Japan, to five runs for the conclusion of the course. The German, 24 years old, has no rival. This season he has won nine victories in 14 races that are contested, which allows you to submit a record of 19 WINS. If last year became world champion thanks to a Carom in the final race, enhanced by a strategic mistake of Ferrari and Alonso, this time its title is unquestioned.

His mastery of the world has been impressive. And a new episode of this superiority lived in Singapore. Vettel was input and nobody could follow him. Jenson Button finished second, Mark Webber, third and Fernando Alonso, fourth. The British is the only one who holds title options – is 124 points behind Vettel and at stake are 125-, others have lost them. Source of the news:: Vettel, to a point of the title

Federal Reserve

14 Sep

It's not pessimistic, but to trust no choice but to evaluate new operational systems. Indeed, I venture to say it will be key to determining the capacity and quality of regulatory and supervisory system that we have to wait until we see them in periods of great prosperity. I say this because they are times where we unconsciously are relaxed regulatory and supervisory controls, and this is where the worst crisis it engendered. Anyway, we should not rush because you will not be at all easy to realize Obama planned reform in the financial system. The new role will be expected from the Federal Reserve is the point that has been generating more resistance in Congress, even down to the lawmakers. The Fed is responsible for the regulation of major financial institutions responsible for protecting Americans and the economy of systemic risk in the financial system, are positive elements that I consider as they allow greater speed of action in crisis situations. With this change, the agency responsible for guarding the health of major financial entities is the same as the assist in a crisis, avoiding the coordination of several agencies to do so. These changes make the Fed more accountable in the conduct of monetary policy by the negative incentives can generate (and have generated), affecting their funcion.a new to this new role of the Fed has not dropped any good Republican Richard Shelby, who, according to the Financial Times, questioned the proposal because it had: a Oeun grossly inflated view of the experience of the Feda . .

Pinspire Albums

10 Sep

Pinspire GmbH Saarbrucker str. 20/21 10405 Berlin for your publication immediately in Pinspire can now say if a Pin is IN or OUT Berlin, 6 August 2012: week last Pinspire GmbH (, a social network of photo albums which are shared images, released a new new to voting system It will improve the experience of users, offering them the opportunity to vote (pictures) pins. From now on, both members and visitors to Pinspire can vote the pins on the web page in or out, possibility that converts to Pinspire in the first social network for photo albums where, aside from sharing images, also you can vote. Members and visitors to Pinspire can vote the Pins on the positive by clicking on the star called in and negative in the broken star called out. Learn more about this with John Studzinski. Star shaped icons found in the corners of the bottom of each Pin. When members or visitors from Pinspire click on one of them, you can see how many people have qualified this Pin. Pinspire users could already click on I like, comment on images and repinear, now, in addition, they may decide that it is what sets trends and inspires them through the system in/out.

The basis of Pinspire lies in the creativity, originality and sense of the aesthetic of their pins, for this reason, when the idea of adding this new voting system, the management team of marketing did not hesitate to implement it. For assistance, try visiting Preventive Medicine Research Institute. Pinspire members may view your content in a more prominent manner with the new system in/out, a fact that will add value to the content of this social network of photo albums. Pinspire, moreover, is in the process of launching more news in the coming months. Pinspire ( was founded in November 2011 and its official headquarters is located in Berlin, Germany. It is a social network of photo albums which are shared images, available in more than 20 languages and in more than 30 countries. Users can pinear any image that you like by installing the button + Pin, can collect ideas, save them and share them with the rest. Each user can create a profile on Pinspire, as well as share different albums on any topic, using both images that have been found on the internet as your own. Since the link of the original source is always displayed at the top of each Pin thanks to the button + Pin, Pinspire is the ideal tool to promote products from online stores, tutorials for beauty and aesthetics, ideas for looks of fashion, etc.

Andrei Nekrasov

5 Sep

Speaking of the naming want to start with mention of Andrei Nekrasov, or rather of his comic novel "The Adventures of Captain Vrungel", because it is a fictional character that belongs to the sacramental phrase, "you have a yacht call – so it will float. " In fact it is so. But back to history. For the time being all the firms were named according to the names of their owners, or owners of the dynasty. By the way, this method in one form or another and now popular – store "Andrew" for example. The first company that has breached this "postulate", was known to everyone 'Coca-Cola', not named by the name of the owner by name and ingredients. But that was then …

Now no one is doubt that the product name, company or brand can seriously affect his popularity, as well as on the "unpopularity". There are several established methods of naming. A little more detail about each of them: 1). Method associations. The method consists in the fact that the brand name and object naming are in an associative series. For example: Bowling club "Strike", a clothing store "clothes", etc. 2). The method of "domain name".

One of entirely new methods. Its essence is that business is mostly (or entirely) is derived on the Internet and domain name is also the name of the company. For example: Internet-Shop ' "hypermarket" ", etc. 3). Method abbreviations. It's all simple – or alphanumeric mode, for example, "VTB 24", or the way the root of abbreviations such as "Nizhnovenergo". It is worth emphasizing that to such a method should be approached very, very carefully. 4). The method of rhyming. Speaks for themselves. Hubba-Bubba, all the familiar "Christmas Tree, Sticks," "Pan-Kartofan", "King Rusk," etc. 5). Author method – mentioned at the beginning of our article on naming. "Smirnov", "Dougan." With the right approach – one of the most powerful methods of naming. 6). Method neologism – for example, "Troyekurov" or crackers "Digital applia-team. 7). The method of domination – all with the prefix "Mega", "Super," "Hyper," etc. 8). Method of Appeal. Is to appeal to positive feelings and emotions. Examples – "a farm", "Pavlov chicken," beer "Prazhechka", etc. It is necessary to distinguish one from the "standard" methods, unfortunately still exists – it's a method called "double-Brand." It is used when there is no money, no imagination. : Write: Toothpaste "Bel-a-Med" (a copy of Blend-a-med), candy, "Lizun-sucker" (a copy of Chupa-Chups) and other nechest … But there are methods nepopadayuschie not under one of the categories and such names are usually stored at once …. but that's the following articles.


1 Sep

With the passage of time we have gone given account that increasingly have less time, always walk up down and want everything well and fast. With this hectic lifestyle luckily came smartphones, thanks to its ability to connect to the internet we can read the newspaper, check our email, see pages of entertainment, shopping online and what you can do from your computer; Now you only have it in the Palm of your hand, in any place and at any time. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta can aid you in your search for knowledge. It has always been a cap when travelling you have to do a million calls to the airlines or look in the newspaper to see if there are promotions or find departure times and all that. You can now do everything through the internet portals from Mexican airlines. So, even if you think that this only happens with much more advanced countries because this already reached Mexican airlines. Now from your Smartphone can enter these websites and find all the services that you offer, how to buy tickets in line, check the promotions, packages and others. Something that also has drawn much attention lately, is that most technological airlines are already offering applications for mobile phones, so you can enter the time you want and enjoy all its benefits. The application of airlines works for Iphones, Blackberries and any other Smartphone, so if you have one of them wait no longer and lower your application. ock & Anchin. Original author and source of the article