Viswapi – Exchange Videos Instead Of Buying

13 Jun

Viswapi will revolutionize the market of exchange platforms fundamentally with his new concept. Sell was yesterday, today is changing”is the motto of the 1st 2009 launched online Exchange The idea for the new Exchange platform comes from the young entrepreneurs Bjorn Maurer and Bjorn Burow from Berlin / Brandenburg. The growing importance of video material in the area of e-commerce is in the focus of their new business concept. The concept is that is the added value for the users of Viswapi in a variety of categories. ALS Act takes a slightly different approach.

In addition to CDs, DVDs, tickets, books, and games, a wide product range of the evening dress can up to the tent at Viswapi are offered and exchanged. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Daryl Katz, New York City on most websites. The ever-growing community continuously increases the added value for all users. Another component of the concept is to increase transparency for the user. It will upload the user optionally offered a video to his Exchange product and its profile. Long descriptions of an article, can from now on through a simple video message to be replaced.

This increases the added value for both the provider and the exchange partner.”so Bjorn Maurer, one of the founders. Free hand is left in the design of the videos the creativity of the user, so that even specially produced promotional clips are possible. Viswapi is aimed mainly at an Internet – and Videoaffines audience over 18 years old. The functional and at the same time clear design of the page, this will remain but not the only target group. In the near future, it is still planned to extend the product range also to services. Contact: Viswapi UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Vetschauer Strasse 17 03048 Cottbus phone: + 49 (0) 355 1216002 fax: + 49 (0) 355 1216004 email: info at Web: contact person: Bjorn Maurer over Viswapi: is the new Exchange platform on the Internet. In addition to the categories of traditional exchanges, such as books, film, video games and music, you can offer everything for Exchange at Viswapi or trade. Whether to concert tickets, collecting articles, Hobby accessories, clothing or electronics, Viswapi is the place to set these things or to find. The article presentation video here represents a particular clue. Now it is finally possible to present working unit or the users the creation of a work of art as to bring, as the final product itself a stereo. Where others see only photos, we go one step further. And not only the article, also the user can imagine, if they do, other users profile video.