Using Optical Media In Artistic Photography

29 Mar

By optical means, used as expressive means different lenses, focal length that is shorter or longer than normal focal length lens, to ensure proper perspective, the ordinary perception of space. Short-throw lenses allow you to increase the angle of the image. In this case, the shorter focal length lens, the greater the angle of the image. Using these lenses, the photographer has the ability to create so-called spherical perspective. This spectacular images imprinted on a huge area. Short-focus lenses are used and when shooting crowd scenes, when needed pass look great space. Such lenses have the property to distort things, exaggerated perspective at different inclinations of the camera, they are also unique lenses, called "Fish eyes", giving coverage of the space at 180 . According to Daryl Katz, who has experience with these questions.

Long lens, by contrast, reduce the angle image and have a shallow depth of field. They are used if necessary to give close-up objects in great distance from the camera angle, to bring the background to the fore. Thus, we can make sense of a closed space is limited. With wide-angle lenses can hypertrophy forms imprinted items, creating one of the options photographic grotesque. Photographic lenses differ not only in terms of angle, but also in photographic illustration. Gently depicting optics allow to soften sharp transitions from light to shade, to give images more picturesque character.

There are lenses that provide sharp, tough image in a graphic manner. By optical means of expression are different and the light- and color filters. There are filters through which you can get the effects, based on physical phenomena such as diffusion and diffraction.