Therapeutic Milk

17 Apr

Milk is the best product for the person they are successfully treated by diet people who have disorders of heart disease, kidney and liver. The best recipes for the diet is milk soups that can be prepared on the basis of your disease. Milk is useful especially for older children and unnecessarily increases the excretion of fluids from the body with no load on the kidneys. See more detailed opinions by reading what Heart Specialist offers on the topic.. There are special diets that can relieve the patient from edema disease pozheludochnoy cancer, obesity, hypertension, gastric ulcer, gastritis. And how many times we were treated as a child's throat boiled milk and butter, when the pharmacy did not have that choice right now as drugs. If milk is poorly tolerated his body must be diluted tea, mineral water or a mild kofem, obtained a kind of drinks from milk that can be used without affecting the stomach. If poisoning milk also is used to derive pollutants, prevent occupational diseases in unhealthy industries. With exhaustion and anemia, after an illness or injury when meat and eggs is not recommended, a protein derived from milk.

Application milk and cream in the stomach by the method of operations, etc. SI Spasokukotsky when the patient is injected into the small intestine of a mixture of milk 1 liter, 40 g of alcohol, cocoa and eggs during the operation, such a person recovers quickly. Milk is widely used when the patient is broken jaw and open his mouth is not possible, a mixture of milk and crackers, bread or cereal liquid only diet for him. The same value of milk are mineral salts that are needed for bone growth, restoration of blood, muscle function, nerve cells.