The Therapist

15 Oct

I would like to start with some myths about psychotherapy, prevailing not only in folklore, but often in the minds of novice psychotherapists. Actually due to inexperienced and untrained therapists who have a dime a dozen, these myths often arise. The first myth, that the therapist can see you through. Having met the psychologist, people often think that this expert human nature sees them as something special. And as an experienced therapist sees through all the hidden motives, a mile away and feels the problem complex, his theory explains all of their behavior. In fact, the therapist as a mirror, serves as a patient to self-discovery. In this case the therapist – not neutral "objective observer": he does not hide his emotions, and often involved in the psychological "games" that leads them to the client. More info: Cardiologist. Psychotherapy is sometimes like co-creation, and sometimes – love, sometimes – the war.

The second myth, that the therapist can manipulate you, hypnotized, programmed you. Today it is actively spreading the myth adepts "Neuro-linguistic programming" or just NLP. Some therapists speak the truth and hypnosis (which is much less than those who think that he owns), but the effect of such foci is small and short-lived. Psychologists have found that in order to change the person, the main thing – to understand and love him, believe in him and let him feel it. Otherwise, it just does not want to change. And the fact that personality and character can be changed without his desire – it's a fairy tale. So the quickest way for people to change is through its adoption as it already is (this, incidentally, the therapeutic prescription in case you want done, for example, to change the law).