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25 Nov

At present day there are several classifications of soil types. One of them is related to the assessment of fertility. Recently sought to clarify these questions. It is understandable, as fertile soil, the better and quicker seedlings sprout crops, fruit trees. If your site is not very fertile, there is a huge amount of modern organic and mineral fertilizers. Their proper use and selection ensures the solution of such problems as sample no fertility soil.

Also, great attention should be paid to the geology of the ground cover. Distinguish between clay and sandy soils. Clay soils retain moisture for a long time, often fertile, but stick to your hands at the first attempt with them work. Additional information is available at coronavirus vaccine. Clayey soils are classified as heavy land and under the influence of the sun baked and cracked, which may adversely affect the plant's root system. That is why in this type of soil is necessary add some organic fertilizer, peat, manure, compost, and after making a good plow up the soil. Sandy soil is, on the contrary, it is very easy to process, crumbly disadvantage is the rapid drying out, since they do not hold water. In this case, we recommend the addition of fatty fertilizers and rotting compost.

As seen from the above, that the saturation of the soil organic fertilizers never hurts. The third classification refers separation of soil chemical composition on alkaline and acid. Alkaline soils contain a high percentage of lime, so they can not put plants without transferring a substance, such as: rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas, Heather and others. Acidic soils are not conducive to the growth of carnations, clematis, filadelfusov and the like. To determine what kind of soil in your yard, you need to produce a special chemical analysis. Set of reagents for this purpose can be easily found at any garden center. Moreover, samples for chemical analysis is recommended to do in a few places the site, since the coating layer can not be homogeneous, but this is rarely happens. Modern science has developed many tools for changing the composition of the soil, but they are only a short time. Over time the soil will still be returned to its original type. Therefore it is better to choose specific set of plants and flowers that will feel comfortable on the existing site and match the type of soil. There is also a version of the device stacked beds that can be filled as acidic and alkaline soil.